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Re: Language and locale setting in /root/dbootstrap_setting

[Junichi Uekawa]
> I have an impression that you don't seem to understand the problem.

Perhaps not.  I hope discussing it here will improve the general

> The right way would be to have a way of starting jfbterm before
> base-config.

I understand this to mean the right way for Japanese install.  I
believe that is not my problem but your problem.  I do not know how to
solve your problem.  I do not know which charset or encoding are used
in Japan.  I do not know which Linux tools are needed to display or
input Japanese.  I do not know how to test it, and I do not know the
problem domain.  For these reasons, I can not solve your problem.  Is
the Japanese install problem solved now?  If it is, will my patch
break Japanese install in any way?

If it isn't solved now, why is it a problem to solve a different, but
related problem -- my problem -- ie. fixing the Norwegian install?

I do not claim to be able to fix Japanese install.  I only claim that
fixing Norwegian install will be a small step on the way to fix locale
handling in general, and thus a small step on the way to fix Japanese
install.  I guess the road to completely internationalized install is
even longer that the road to Japanese install.

Is any of this wrong?  Why?

> Charset "euc-jp" is enough information to signify that this will not
> be displayed in console.

OK.  How can one test this automatically?

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