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Re: cvs commit to boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap by blade

[Debian Boot CVS Master]
> Repository: boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap
> who:        blade
> time:       Sun Feb 10 11:30:14 PST 2002
> Log Message:
>   Renamed LANG to LANG_INST in dbootstrap_settings. We do not use
>   proper locales specification, so this LANG value caused lots of
>   Perl warnings while running base-config.

Why isn't base-config using proper locales?  It would be easier if all
programs used the same language codes, and the same locale settings.
Check RFC 3066 and ISO 639 for info on the recommended locale values.

  RCS 3066 - Tags for the Identification of Languages

  ISO 639

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