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Re: cvs commit to boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap by blade

[Philip Blundell]
> What blade means by a "proper" locale specification, and what
> base-config expects to find in $LANG, is something like "en_GB", "fr_CA"
> or "ja_JP".  But dbootstrap doesn't know anything about territories and
> it just outputs "en", "fr" and "ja".
> This whole business is pretty much a mess.  But I think we can find a
> way to make it work in woody, even if it isn't all that elegant.

Well, two-character language codes are normally valid locales, but I
guess the problem is the fact that the 'locales' package isn't
installed yet, /etc/locale.gen do not contain the requested locale
and/or locale-gen have not generated the requested locales yet.  The
proper fix for this is to install 'locales' early, and make sure to
fill /etc/locale.gen with sensible content before locale-gen is

If one only want to quiet down perl, setting the enviroment variable
PERL_BADLANG to "0".  This will tell perl to keep quiet if it
encounters an unsupported locale.

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