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Re: cvs commit to boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap by blade

[Phil Blundell]
> Absolutely, bring 'em on.  I think there's no real need for
> boot-floppies itself to deal with countries (except possibly to
> choose a local mirror when downloading), and this kind of thing is
> probably easier done in base-config.  But if you are volunteering to
> write the code you can do it however you want.


More testing shows that the LANGUAGE variable can be used when the
country is unknown.  It only works when the LANG variable is set to an
existing locale.  The nice ting about the LANGUAGE variable is that is
accepts language codes, not locale names.  Thus adding


in /root/dbootstrap_settings should work if the en_US locale is
generated.  To generate it, the 'locales' package must be installed,

  echo 'en_US ISO-8859-1' >> /etc/locale.gen; /usr/sbin/locale-gen

must be executed. I picked en_US as the locale because I believe it is
compatible with the C and POSIX locale.  I guess any compatible locale
would do.

Do you think this could work?  I believe most of this should be done
by boot-floppies before reboot to make sure the correct language is
used by base-config.

LANGUAGES is a glibc extention, and thus should be safe to use on
Debian (except the *BSD port).

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