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Re: Language and locale setting in /root/dbootstrap_setting

[Eduard Bloch]
> Good question. I though base-config was the only one, but now I have
> seen that the file is sourced into the base-config's environment.

OK.  I want the settings passed on to tasksel and debconf to get
translated messages there.  If the only other program/package is
base-config, it should be possible to get everyone to understand the
same thing.

> There was no way, --include option in the new deboostrap is meant for
> such purposes.

So I'll have to wait for the new debootstrap?  Which version contains
the --include optinon?

> Why? UTF-8 is still broken in most apps. The only Pro is the option
> to use different languages in the installation terminal (bterm).

The reason I ask is that I did not find any references to other
charsets but ascii and utf-8.  I do not know what to do if the install
procedure want to use some langauge with characters not supported by
the console/terminal.  But for Norwegian, the Linux console supports
ISO-8859-1.  This will of course fail for serial consoles. :-(

> > +    /* Specify which translation to use when displaying messages */
> > +    write_userconfig("LANGUAGE", lang->locale);
> > +
> > +    /* Keep perl quiet if the locale is missing */
> > +    write_userconfig("PERL_BADLANG", "0");
> IMHO not needed, if LANG is C compatible.

Well, the first one is needed to pass the language code into
libc/gettext.  The second is not really needed if everything works as
it should, but will keep perl quiet if something goes wrong.  I'm not
sure if it is a good idea to mask this error, but I believe it is
better to report a missing locale once, and tell perl to keep quiet
during install.

> I tried this a while ago to install locales. It is broken since I do not
> allocate the string memory correctly, but the basic idea is clear.

Thanks for the suggestion and the pointer.

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