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Re: Language and locale setting in /root/dbootstrap_setting

[Philip Blundell]
> You should liaise with Joey Hess.  But yes, filing it as a wishlist bug
> seems like a reasonable first step.

OK.   I'll give it some more work first.

> You may not want to do all the work needed for these languages, but
> as a minimum you need to make sure that your patch doesn't make
> things materially worse for users in those locales.

Is there anything in the patch that should make it worse for non-latin
languages?  If base-config is only used during first time install, and
users of non-latin languages just stay away from setting LANG and
LANGUAGES in /root/dbootstrap_settings during first time install, then
my patch should be safe.  Is this valid argumentation until some user
of non-latin languages fixes the last bit?

> In the short term, that probably means falling back to English if
> the selected locale uses a non-latin character set.

Any idea how I could detect if the locale is non-latin?

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