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Re: Language and locale setting in /root/dbootstrap_setting

On Sun, 2002-02-24 at 00:26, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Is there anything in the patch that should make it worse for non-latin
> languages?


Take ja_JP as an example.  At the moment, if you select Japanese at the
dbootstrap language chooser screen, the first stage install will use
Japanese and everything after reboot (ie base-config etc) will use
English.  With your patch, base-config and friends will try to use
Japanese, but since the console is not capable of displaying the right
glyphs, the result will be an unreadable mess.

> If base-config is only used during first time install, and
> users of non-latin languages just stay away from setting LANG and
> LANGUAGES in /root/dbootstrap_settings during first time install, then
> my patch should be safe.  Is this valid argumentation until some user
> of non-latin languages fixes the last bit?

That's a valid point of view, but you will need to put the code in
dbootstrap to detect a non-latin language and write out an appropriate
dbootstrap_settings file.

> Any idea how I could detect if the locale is non-latin?

Well, you already have the character set name on hand.  I think you can
assume that any encoding other than ISO-8859 variants will need special


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