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1st page ranking Ç. Ç. Ç. ,ü ◢▓◣ (◣◢)ᏕᏌᏢᎬᏒᎷᎪℕ ▓▓▂❤️ ▂▉_▉ RE: : We know what’s going on with your Google rankings Re: books: add debian release to remaining books Bug#147164: debian-doc policy / Re: ping and new proposal Bug#147164: marked as done ( DDP: DDP policy is too out of date) Bug#147164: ping and new proposal Bug#270772: marked as done ( - order of entries makes no sense to me) Bug#685772: marked as done ( Please clarify official/unofficial status of resources under Bug#688217: Failure to create username with UTF-8 symbol Bug#720742: marked as done ([] Confusing qualifiers for people on intro/organization ("current" *and* "member")) Bug#823237: proposal Bug#823237: proposal cont. Bug#825303: marked as done (Links to obsolete Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO) Bug#859122: 31 DLAs missing from the website Bug#905393: marked as done (newsgroups section is mostly outdated) Bug#905440: last built is fixed, last modified not Bug#911540: marked as done ( BootFloppy page bootfloppy.img link moved) Bug#922526: not removing old html files Bug#924135: marked as done (clean-up: old .cvsignore files) Bug#924135: remaining items Bug#924333: FTBFS: missing czech/News/weekly/index.wml Bug#924365: FTBFS in buster: turkish vs. tr_TR locale Bug#924888: marked as done (try to remove the /misc section (reviewing and reorganising content)) Bug#924888: some links now removed Bug#924888: why bsd.license? Bug#925295: marked as done (Merge request proposed) Bug#926058: marked as done (/intro/organization does not list cloud teams) Bug#926131: footer: replace with micronews Bug#926369: gettextize the Social Contract Bug#926405: Debian logos - PDF conversion is pixelated Bug#926558: Cleanup of /doc/ddp Bug#926986: marked as done ( XML parsing failure) Bug#926986: XML parsing failure Bug#927001: build process - check for symbols within html markup that are not using html character codes Bug#927055: remove /events/requirements Bug#927288: Wheezy and Jessie are not documented in distrib/archive Bug#927680: Code name spelling (upper/lower) is used inconsistently in Debian communication/documentation Bug#927805: marked as done ( number of developers in webwml/english/vote/2019/vote_001_quorum.txt looks incorrect) Bug#927805: number of developers in webwml/english/vote/2019/vote_001_quorum.txt looks incorrect Bug#927987: Don't tell users to use ext3 CD vendors page Checkinstall not available on buster. Debian's participation in Google Season of Docs program Re: Immediately Improve Your Website Traffic Error in documentation Re: events/material and events/materialS / Re: Broken link - Debian Flyers - search doesn't work Html xml utils CONCEALS existence of Introducing Myself Invalid SSL Certificate Job Application Re: old https security debian org does not redirect to new page, invalid ssl cert instead package not available Painting, Renovation and Epoxy Flooring 🏠 Processed: buster-ignore some pseudo-package RC level bugs Processed: merging 823237 926086 Processed: Re: 31 DLAs missing from the website Processed: Re: Bug#927987: Don't tell users to use ext3 Processed: Re: more missing DLAs on the website Processed: reopening 924888 Processed: tagging 388141 Processed: tagging 825303 Removing - use CategoryDebianSpeakers in Report of the Debian Web Team Sprint (15-17 March 2019) Solve the problem RE: Splunk/Microsoft Office Users The website is not building correctly (git pull stalled) Who's using Debian Who's using Debian? please reduce entropy / make build more deterministic The last update was on 09:03 GMT Sun Jan 10. There are 115 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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