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Bug#927805: www.debian.org: number of developers in webwml/english/vote/2019/vote_001_quorum.txt looks incorrect

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: normal

Dear Maintainers,

File webwml/english/vote/2019/vote_001_quorum.txt, as of commit
c6a0c8..., states:

    Current Developer Count = 901
    Q ( sqrt(#devel) / 2 ) = 15.8350876221131

I guess that the "Current Developer Count" value should be 1,003
instead of 901, because 1,003 is the number of developers in
vote_001_quorum.log (as of commit 88d434...) and it is the
number than makes "Q ( sqrt(#devel) / 2 ) = 15.8350876221131"

If my calculations are correct:

    sqrt(901)/2  = 15.0083310198036
    sqrt(1003)/2 = 15.8350876221131



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