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Re: Report of the Debian Web Team Sprint (15-17 March 2019)

Hello Valessio,

Am 16.04.19 um 04:21 schrieb Valessio Brito:
> I think other than a contest/competition to choose the "best design
> proposals", we can make a call to people to send improvements to
> KallesDesign[1], continuing the work that has been done, a standard
> design and architecture for all subsites of the Debian project.

while the sprint we haven't talked much about the existing CSS framework
that is basically called Kalles Design as it was simply not the focus of
the sprint. It would have been to much in the spare time over the weekend.

But once is for sure, we will need to adjust and improve the existing
CSS framework to get modern and usable websites of all Debian parts
there it is used. A thing that I have already to deal with is this now
almost needed responsive behavior of websites. And Debian isn't great
here, but that's not unexpected, the CSS hasn't touched often and at
least not in that direction.

So in my eyes HTML5, using the possibilities of this but also a
continuous responsive design are the major challenges in the next time.
I'm definitely not a web designer nor I've good skills in doing main
core CSS work. I guess currently we have nobody in this area we can
count. So this means we will need help.

> Count on my collaboration! I suggest that we do some work during the
> next DebCamp.

Yeah, you are very welcome!
Thomas told me he has already plans to do something with more "work on
something" while DebCamp. And that's correct, if you dig a bit into the
files you will find a lot of things to do.

Why not talk and work also on the CSS framework than? :) It seems you
are the most experienced person on this.

Carsten Schoenert

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