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Re: Introducing Myself

Hi again,

(PS: No need to address directly, I'm subscribed to the list as well.)

Am 21.04.19 um 11:07 schrieb Shlomi Fish:
>> Hopefully most of a transition work could be automated, otherwise I
>> guess it's quite impossible to do this manually.
> One can write a translator tool and do a before-vs-after diff to make sure no
> regressions were introduced.

yes, we would need a real good QS to ensure nothing is broken
afterwards. Diff'ing the output of both systems will show any serious
problems if happen.

>> If you can take a closer look into a migration to the new format and can
>> come up with a way to walk we will find time to work on this more seriously.
>> Feel free to speak up anytime in case you have suggestion or even also
>> questions!
> Which "the" new format? My port to TT2 was for
> https://github.com/shlomif/perl-begin and partly done because I wanted it to
> remain based on perl because perl-begin is about perl. But there are many
> other https://staticsitegenerators.net/ that can be used for the Debian site,
> some of which may be even faster.

I think changing the generating system is really out of scope, at least
I see no real reason to change to something shiny new which will require
a lot of individual adjustments, which will take a lot of time and by
this a lot of resources (we don't have), to archive the same output in
the end.

What I wanted to say was simple that we appreciate any help to improve
the build process. Steve has made a lot of things in the near past that
have speed up the build time of the Debian website massively.
If possible you should think about traveling to a MiniDebConf where we
could meet us. It's really easier and effective to talk about such
topics face to face. But I'm not the right person to talk about Perl and
the internals of it.

O.k., we will see whats possible and what will happen.

Carsten Schoenert

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