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Removing www.debian.org/events/speakers - use CategoryDebianSpeakers in wiki.debian.org

Dear all
The Debian web team had recently a sprint where we had a look at certain
web pages/areas and we acknowledge that the
www.debian.org/events/speakers may be useful but we cannot keep it
up-to-date properly and probably the best place for that info is

Instead of just moving the content (some of it certainly outdated) to a
page "Speakers" in the wiki, we have created a category
CategoryDebianSpeaker in wiki.debian.org that can list all the wiki
pages tagged as such, and we propose that the speakers can add a link to
their talks or the info related to them as speaker to their personal
wiki page, and tag it with the category CategoryDebianSpeaker.

This way the listing will be "self populated", everybody needs to care
only about their info, and we can also spread the word about this
CategoryDebianSpeaker tag so more Debianites that already have a "Talks"
section in their personal wiki page appear there.

We have removed already the www.debian.org/events/speakers page, but due
to an unrelated bug (#922526), it's still shown if you look at the URL.
So you can recover the info from there, or from this alternative URL:


I have updated the page wiki.debian.org/Presentations to link to the
category listing instead of linking to the removed web page.

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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