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Re: old https security debian org does not redirect to new page, invalid ssl cert instead

On 31/03/2019 00:48, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hi,
> dragon@peerfreedom.org <dragon@peerfreedom.org> (2019-03-30):
>> Previously the web page for debian security was located on:
>> security.debian.org
>> Going there now through http, will redirect to the new address
>> www.debian.org/security/
>> But going there through https, will instead return SSL errror, cert by
>> unknown CA "Debian SMTP CA" which seems to have "CA key identifier" "00
>> f6 08 13 4a 49 f7 da d3",
>> entire cert sha256 fingerprint is
>> "DF:68:20:DA:43:5A:7C:1A:9C:43:8B:56:56:24:92:A5:E6:EC:F6:B1:92:8F:D1:4C:9F:5D:93:C7:7D:13:26:1B"
> Not all things served over http:// are supposed to be reachable over
> https:// so that might be just considered as not-a-bug.
> Cheers,

I think it is a bug clearly - because that site was working before, and
AFAIR was recommended by some pages and/or tutorials.
Anyway people have it in bookmarks.
Google indexed it too -

Imo just reject port 443 on that server, or make the redirection work again.

Current situation looks suspicious that you go to security web page and
see invalid SSL cert.

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