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◆未承諾広告◆ 携帯アフィリエイトで月商4715万!そのノウハウ売ります! キャッシュバックメール!即日1400円送金! Re[6]: Английский Разговорный с преподавателями из США cel' Re[4]: Корпоративные, Групповые и Частные занятия у вас дома в офисе legok в бухгалтерию Debian, Коммерческому директору для Debian, [spam] [spam] subscribe Re: Aurelia Swensen Meedictions Bug#100299: Become an employee of our company. Bug#100544: Become an employee of our company. Bug#111560: Do you like fabulous bargains on Brand Name merchandise? Bug#111969: Just look at our inventory and you'll understand that you cant pass on such great deals! Bug#113304: Albert's True story Bug#113304: Terrence's philadelphia story Bug#120237: Do you like fabulous bargains on Brand Name merchandise? Bug#122453: horny people date site with no costs Bug#136061: Our prices are low during our Special FALL SALE, but not for long, as items run out before you get a chance to buy them. Bug#136844: alternative date site Bug#137355: gcc 4 compatibility Bug#137355: ITP, RFH: pcsx -- Sony PlayStation emulator Bug#137355: Just look at our inventory and you'll understand that you cant pass on such great deals! Bug#141748: openxpki Bug#153578: probably you Bug#156614: Bug#331072: ITP: cinelerra-cvs -- non-linear video editor and compositor for Linux. Bug#157916: Sale starts September 18. Bug#180060: ITA: xgsmlib -- Gnome application to handle mobile phone's phone book and SMS Bug#181442: marked as done (RFP: mrtg-rrd -- The script for generating graphs for MRTG) Bug#183373: ITA: libmetakit2.4.9.3 Bug#185934: swingers date site Bug#188153: closing ITP of mozilla-firefox-extensions Bug#188175: marked as done (ITA: filerunner -- X-Based FTP program & file manager) Bug#188435: Refil Now Bug#189766: [V]-[i]-[a]-[g]-[r]-[a] tab-s Bug#189809: Get [M]-[e]-[d]-[s] online Bug#194066: babes date site Bug#195040: [Auto-Reply] Information about Hoodia the new diet wonder Bug#195422: Qedo packages Bug#195948: [Pkg-dspam-misc] Re: Alioth dspam project Re: Bug#195948: Bug#335173: ITP: dspam -- Highly accurate and fast statistical spam filter Bug#195948: Bug#335173: ITP: dspam -- Highly accurate and fast statistical spam filter Bug#195948: Maintaining the dspam package in a team. Bug#195948: New dspam version released with dynamic storage driver support Bug#195948: URL for workaround list Bug#200890: marked as done (ITP: agfl -- parser generator for natural language grammars) Bug#200984: marked as done (RFP: jahshaka -- Realtime editing and effects system) Bug#203896: I'll take yydecode Bug#205876: FW: News update # 872 Bug#206113: marked as done (ITA: freedict -- Freedict dictionary) Bug#206536: Where can I take this package ? Bug#206691: Let's Upload!! Bug#206691: python matplotlib debian package Bug#206886: sexy date site that doesn't costs a dime Bug#207370: Just look at our inventory and you'll understand that you cant pass on such great deals! Bug#211991: Our discounts run up to 47% lower any lowest price you can find from other retailers. Bug#213149: [B]-est [M]-[e]ds Bug#215367: I intend to package pylibpcap Bug#221492: Smile package Bug#224723: z88dk package for Debian Bug#227945: RFP: phpgedview -- Online genealogy viewer Bug#228428: (no subject) Bug#228428: preview packages Bug#230902: marked as done (ITP: fusionsound -- audio sub system for multiple applications) Bug#232082: gopchop in debian? Bug#235941: [PATCH] Papercut 0.9.13 improvements Bug#235941: Packaging papercut Bug#241287: marked as done (ITP: xmms-musepack -- Musepack plugin for XMMS) Bug#246244: marked as done (ITP: hugin -- A GUI frontend to Panorama Tools) Bug#249718: Do you still plan to take dosemu Bug#251618: marked as done (ITP: hugin -- frontend to Panorama Tools) Bug#253293: [ Debianized mod_auth_shadow-2.1.tar.gz] Bug#253733: reopening Bug#253735: Bug#255375: marked as done (RFP: hugin -- hugin: Panorama Tools GUI) Bug#256283: marked as done (RFP: pylucene -- Python extension for Java Lucene) Bug#256681: RM: -- RoQA; orphaned for a year, inactive upstream Bug#257127: ITP: urlgfe -- a graphical download manager Bug#260740: marked as done (ITP: sextractor -- extract sources from an astronomical image) Bug#260740: Still interested in SExtractor? Bug#263613: RM: gupsc -- RoQA; orphaned, abandoned upstream Bug#266387: RM: libtool1.4 -- RoQA; obsolete version Bug#267078: marked as done (RFH: squashfs -- Tool to create and append to squashfs filesystems) Bug#267756: marked as done (RFH: qmailadmin -- web interface for managing qmail with virtual domains [contrib]) Bug#268125: retitle 268125 to ITA: mancala -- Implementation of the simple board game called Mancala Bug#268229: ITP: midentd -- identd replacement with masquerading support. Bug#268702: marked as done (ITP: kgeography -- A geography learning tool) Bug#268702: Take the ITP Bug#269329: Progress... :-) Unofficial packages are ready Bug#270538: [ltp] Re: Question on ifplugd and ACPI suspend Bug#270538: GNOME NetworkManager - Debian Bug#271186: marked as done (RFP: gtray -- gmail new mail checker tray app) Bug#271799: marked as done (ITA: fbpager -- a pager application for the Fluxbox window manager) Bug#272057: Status of ClientForm ITP Bug#272098: marked as done (ITP: slime -- Superior LISP Interaction Mode for Emacs) Bug#273257: marked as done (ITP: spectromatic -- Convert sound into time-frequency domain images) Bug#273334: marked as done (ITP: mkat -- transparent CLI frontend to burn, catalog data and audio CDs) Bug#273693: marked as done (RFP: jrockit -- A virtual machine for Java) Bug#273713: marked as done (RFP: uade -- Plays old Amiga audio files through emulation) Bug#273907: RM: libfilesys-diskfree-perl -- RoQA; orphaned, better alternatives Bug#273974: marked as done (ITP: libaudio-dsp-perl -- Perl module for interfacing with digital audio devices) Bug#274003: marked as done (RFP: kmenc15 -- An advanced MEncoder frontend.) Bug#274026: ITA: nettoe -- Networked version of Tic Tac Toe for the console Bug#274220: ITP: gnome-btdowloader -- Gnome BitTorrent Downloader Bug#274412: marked as done (RFP: ultima-iris -- Ultima Iris is a 3D game client for the MMRPG "Ultima Online") Bug#274438: marked as done (RFP: libnet-ruli-perl -- perl extension for ruli, a DNS SRV library) Bug#274471: marked as done (RFP: php-ruli -- php extension for ruli, a DNS SRV library) Bug#274483: marked as done (RFP: guile-ruli -- guile/scheme extension for ruli, a DNS SRV library) Bug#274534: marked as done (ITP: python-pypaint -- pypaint provides a light Python wrapper forlibart) Bug#274974: marked as done (RFP: java-ruli -- java extension for ruli, a DNS SRV library) Bug#275017: marked as done (RFP: amavisd-lite -- high performance, scalable mail filter for postfix) Bug#275103: marked as done (ITP: 6wall -- IPv6 Firewall, based on Shorewall) Bug#275316: marked as done (RFP: sagator -- Email antivir gateway) Bug#275398: acknowledged by developer (WNPP bug closing) Bug#275398: marked as done (ITP: libpam-poldi -- PAM module allowing authentication using a GnuPG smartcard) Bug#275725: knetworkled not supported anymore Bug#276096: marked as done (ITA: eclipse -- Development framework) Bug#276543: marked as done (RFP: stager -- system for aggregating and presenting netflow/flow-tools statistics) Bug#276716: marked as done (ITP: hsshellscript -- Utilities for shell-like scripting in Haskell) Bug#277121: marked as done (ITP: blockade -- A sliding block XWindow game.) Bug#277157: marked as done (RFP: libmodule-list-perl -- module `directory' listing in Perl) Bug#277159: marked as done (RFP: libmodule-runtime-perl -- runtime module handling in Perl) Bug#277437: marked as done (ITP: fbmuck6 -- Fuzzball MUCK (version 6)) Bug#277525: marked as done (ITP: torrentocracy -- RSS (real simple syndication) plugin for MythTV) Bug#277567: marked as done (ITP: python-pyggy -- Lexer and GLR parser generator for Python) Bug#277706: acknowledged by developer (WNPP bug closing) Bug#277706: marked as done (ITP: libcompress-lzo-perl -- Perl bindings for LZO realtime compression library) Bug#277746: marked as done (ITP: mesord -- A stochastic simulator of coupled chemical reactions and diffusions in space) Bug#277966: marked as done (ITP: nokryptia -- Make MP3 files accessible to Nokia 5510) Bug#278022: marked as done (RFP: otl -- Oracle, Odbc and DB2-CLI Template Library) Bug#279367: marked as done (ITA: cplay -- A front-end for various audio players) Bug#279796: marked as done (ITA: libnet-ssleay-perl -- Perl module for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)) Bug#279811: ITA: perl-byacc: The Berkeley LALR parser generator, Perl version Bug#279811: marked as done (ITA: perl-byacc: The Berkeley LALR parser generator,) Bug#279819: marked as done (ITA: xbanner -- Beautify your X login screen) Bug#280087: ITA: spread -- The Spread messaging daemon Bug#280656: marked as done (ITP: portmidi -- a library for real-time MIDI input/output) Bug#280691: marked as done (ITA: efax -- Programs to send and receive fax messages) Bug#282022: Failed to download source Bug#282953: ITA: zssh: interactive file transfers over ssh Bug#284030: debian packages for asymptote Bug#284030: marked as done (ITP: asymptote -- script-based vector graphics language inspired by MetaPost) Bug#286206: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#322356: ITP: kde-style-lipstik -- a purified KDE style based on Plastik) Bug#287804: ITA: sim -- Simple Instant Messenger Bug#287985: RM: cantus -- RoQA; out of date, better alternatives Bug#287992: RM: gkdial -- RoQA; RC-buggy, upstream being rewritten Bug#288209: marked as done (ITA: audio-cd -- Library to handle CDDB and low-level cd io calls) Bug#289546: Processed: your mail Bug#289546: RFS Bug#289619: marked as done (ITA: drip -- GNOME application for encoding a DivX from a DVD) Bug#289789: marked as done (ITA: imlib -- Imlib is an imaging library for X and X11) Bug#290922: marked as done (ITP: wxmaxima -- wxWindows interface for maxima) Bug#290922: Status of wxmaxima Bug#290938: Closing, package is already in the archive Bug#290938: Taking over ITP for python-gdchart2 Bug#292942: marked as done (ITP: paramiko -- handle SSH2 connections with python) Bug#292942: Status of paramiko ITP Bug#293316: ITP: ezstream -- stream client for icecast with mp3, ogg and flac support Bug#293477: ITF: libphp-jabber -- simple Jabber connectivity using PHP Bug#293477: ITP: libphp-jabber -- simple Jabber connectivity using PHP Bug#293477: Processed: retitle 293477 to RFS: libphp-jabber -- simple Jabber connectivity using PHP Bug#294389: enblend: package ready too Bug#294491: Bug#294495: ITA: povray-3.5 -- Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer) Bug#294491: Bug#294495: ITA: povray-3.5 -- Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer) Bug#294495: ITA: povray-3.5 -- Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer) Bug#294540: ITP: concurrent -- utility classes for concurrent java programming Bug#294849: ITA: txt2html -- Text to HTML converter Bug#294849: marked as done (ITA: txt2html -- Text to HTML converter) Bug#294849: tests? Bug#295728: marked as done (ITP: peercast -- P2P audio and video streaming server) Bug#295760: Any plan to upload libming Bug#295785: Your ITP of 2pong Bug#297424: sponsors Bug#297954: ITA: doomlegacy -- A port of the Doom engine that supports OpenGL Bug#298730: ITP: balazar -- 3D adventure and roleplaying game Bug#299024: marked as done (ITP: dh-zope -- debhelper script for zope packaging) Bug#299026: RFA: tinycdb -- a package for creating and reading constant databases Bug#299759: marked as done (ITA: linux-wlan-ng -- utilities for wireless prism2 cards) Bug#300236: marked as done (ITA: libxml-libxml-perl -- Perl module for using the GNOME libxml2 library) Bug#300236: retitle 300236 to ITA: libxml-libxml-perl -- Perl module for using the GNOME libxml2 library Bug#300238: marked as done (ITA: libxml-sax-writer-perl -- Perl module for a SAX2 XML writer) Bug#302002: marked as done (ITP: libapache-mod-dosevasive -- evasive maneuvers module to try avoiding DoS or DDoS attacks) Bug#302300: marked as done (ITA: scanerrlog -- Apache error log parser) Bug#302538: Please check if it is needed and if yes please help Bug#303013: marked as done (ITP: xfmedia -- lightweight xine-based media player for xfce) Bug#303571: rubyscript2exe ITP progress? Bug#303616: marked as done (ITA: php4-imagick -- ImageMagick module for php4) Bug#303794: log4cpp Bug#303986: marked as done (ITP: soundconverter -- convert sound files to other formats) Bug#304271: Any progress? Bug#304819: marked as done (ITP: spca5xx -- Device driver for USB webcams based on the spca5xx chips) Bug#305000: Alltray now in Bug#305000: Alltray on Bug#305112: gcolor2 on Bug#305112: ITP: gcolor2 -- Simple GTK2 color selector and picker Bug#305112: marked as done (ITP: gcolor2 -- Simple GTK2 color selector and picker) Bug#305532: marked as done (ITP: myftpadmin -- webbased GUI to administrate users and groups to proftpd server) Bug#306008: marked as done (ITA: scsiadd -- add or remove SCSI devices by rescanning the bus) Bug#306226: marked as done (ITP: avinfo -- Audio/Video information automatic extractor / file list generator) Bug#306257: marked as done (RFP: dmraid -- Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool) Bug#306902: O: ltsp-utils -- Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) administration utilities Bug#308654: marked as done (ITP: adplay -- console-based OPL2 audio player) Bug#309237: kbanking_0.9.9-1_i386.changes is NEW Bug#309237: marked as done (ITP: libkbanking -- KDE bindings for AqBanking) Bug#309782: marked as done (ITP: keurocalc -- universal currency converter and calculator) Bug#309857: skim update Bug#309860: Status? Bug#309899: Bug#333222: ITP: libarchive -- Single libary to read/write tar, cpio, pax, zip, etc. files Bug#309899: marked as done (ITP: libarchive -- functions for reading and writing streaming archives) Bug#310165: bkchem moved to main Bug#310643: marked as done (ITP: usermode -- Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks) Bug#310665: ITP: cl-rfc2388 -- an implementation of RFC 2388 in Common Lisp Bug#310876: (no subject) Bug#311413: marked as done (ITP: nunit -- Automated testing framework for .NET) Bug#311567: marked as done (ITP: wmii -- lightweight, tiling and tabbed X11 window manager) Bug#311597: anyterm and /bin/login in etch Bug#312698: marked as done (ITP: urlgrabber -- advanced URL grabbing package for python) Bug#313135: marked as done (ITA: visualboyadvance -- full featured Game Boy Advance emulator) Bug#313633: marked as done (ITA: leakbug -- GNUpdate leakbug tracer library) Bug#313634: liberror-perl adoption? Bug#313634: marked as done (ITA: liberror-perl -- Perl module for error/exception handling in an OO-ish way) Bug#313639: marked as done (ITA: translate-docformat -- any-to-any document translation system) Bug#314434: marked as done (ITA: cgiemail -- CGI Form-to-Mail converter) Bug#314590: marked as done (ITP: zopex3 -- open source web application server (X3 branch)) Bug#314719: rtl8180 packaging script (Was: Bug#314719: Ubuntu packages) Bug#314839: ITA: dutch -- Dutch dictionary in new (August 1996) spelling Bug#314839: marked as done (dutch -- Dutch dictionary in new (August 1996) spelling) Bug#314994: RM: python-slang, woody -- RoQA; orphaned, uninstallable, no upstream activity Bug#314994: Should we remove python-slang and woody? Bug#314996: Should we remove python-slang and woody? Bug#315228: ssss-0.3: build errors Bug#315340: Orphaning kbear Bug#315674: marked as done (ITA: c2hs -- C->Haskell Interface Generator) Bug#315791: ITP: bmp-extra-plugins -- A set of BMP plugins ported from XMMS but not included in the main BMP or XMMS sources Bug#315851: marked as done (ITP: xfonts-wqy -- Wen Quan Yi Bitmap Song CJK font) Bug#316016: marked as done (ITA: lwp -- LWP thread library) Bug#316087: marked as done (ITP: postscriptbarcode -- A barcode generator in pure PostScript) Bug#316189: lomount will be included in Xen from now on Bug#316238: ddrescue renamed to gddrescue Bug#316731: What is the current status? Bug#316769: Processed: ITA: gnusim8085 -- Graphical Intel 8085 simulator Bug#317081: marked as done (ITP: hs-plugins -- Dynamically Loaded Haskell Modules) Bug#317247: marked as done (ITP: trac-ja-resource -- Japanese resource files for trac) Bug#317602: marked as done (ITP: xmms-openspc -- SPC file player plugin for XMMS) Bug#317825: marked as done (ITP: dnspython: DNS module for python) Bug#317825: merging duplicate ITP bugs Bug#318023: sqlite: New upstream version available: 3.2.7. Bug#318618: marked as done (ITP: patchage -- modular patch bay for Jack audio and Alsa Midi) Bug#319201: Fwd: kiax_0.8.4-3_i386.changes REJECTED Bug#319256: marked as done (ITP: nadoka - IRC Client Server Program) Bug#320442: RHF: sql-ledger -- A web based double-entry accounting program Bug#320855: marked as done (RFA: cyrus-imapd -- CMU Cyrus mail system) Bug#320951: ITA: bbsload -- System load tool for the blackbox window Bug#321113: Processed: ITA: tripwire -- file and directory integrity checker Bug#321113: request for sponsor for package Tripwire Bug#321340: marked as done (ITA: rxvt -- multi-lingual VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System) Bug#321594: RM: chastity-list -- RoQA; abandoned upstream, very outdated Bug#321758: RFP: desproxy -- TCP tunnel for HTTP proxies - tunnel every protocol via a local proxy Bug#321795: Remove Bug#321808: O: ecb -- Code browser for several languages for Emacs. Bug#322102: marked as done (ITA: sodipodi -- Vector based drawing program) Bug#322161: marked as done (ITP: kde-icons-crystalclear -- Everaldo's "Crystal Clear" icon theme for KDE) Bug#322335: marked as done (ITP: kdm-theme-krystal -- A KDM theme with the official KDE logo and crystal icons) Bug#322356: ITP: kde-style-lipstik -- a purified KDE style based on Plastik Bug#322356: marked as done (ITP: kde-style-lipstik -- a purified KDE style based on Plastik) Bug#322874: #322874: ITP: wlassistant -- Allows you to connect to wireless networks Bug#322943: marked as done (ITP: easyh10 -- generates databases for the iRiver H10 music player) Bug#323149: marked as done (ITP: gjlv -- java log viewer for GNOME) Bug#323679: marked as done (O: xed -- The standard text editor, for X) Bug#324019: marked as done (ITP: owl-dms -- document management system) Bug#324179: quake3: Status of this ITP? Bug#324214: marked as done (ITP: ttf-khmeros -- free khmer font from the KhmerOS project) Bug#324484: marked as done (ITA: mozilla-locale-it -- Mozilla Italian Language/Region Package) Bug#324484: Processed: ITA: mozilla-locale-it -- Mozilla Italian Language/Region Package Bug#324677: marked as done (ITP: fruit -- Fruit is an UCI-only chess engine.) Bug#325885: ITP: readahead -- read files into the page cache Bug#325928: marked as done (ITP: gyrus -- GNOME tool for the administration of mailboxes in Cyrus-IMAP servers) Bug#325963: marked as done (ITP: sork-passwd3 -- password changing module for horde web framework) Bug#326157: marked as done (ITP: lprof -- Open Source Color Profiler) Bug#326604: marked as done (ITP: gnunet-gtk -- GTK frontend to GNUnet) Bug#326813: preliminary doom-data package Bug#326919: marked as done (ITP: libpostscriptbarcode -- A barcode generator written entirely in PostScript) Bug#327128: marked as done (ITP: python-pysqlite1.1 -- python interface to SQLite 3) Bug#327437: marked as done (ITP: ipkungfu -- iptables-based Linux firewall) Bug#327628: marked as done (ITA: xwit -- a collection of simple routines to call some X11 functions) Bug#328263: marked as done (ITP: horde3-passwd -- password changing application for Horde3 Framework) Bug#328602: marked as done (RFA: redir -- Redirect TCP connections) Bug#328602: Offer of adoption for redir Bug#328636: please package the bksys system Bug#329033: marked as done (ITP: webxml -- Simple form-based generator/editor of Tomcat's web.xml files) Bug#329131: marked as done (ITP: libphp-phplayersmenu -- hierarchical menu system class for PHP) Bug#329193: marked as done (ITP: libdbix-class-perl -- sql to oop mapper, inspired by the Class::DBI framework) Bug#329257: marked as done (ITP: libstat-lsmode-perl -- Perl module to format file modes like ls -l) Bug#329287: marked as done (ITP: acpitool -- command line Linux-ACPI client) Bug#329321: marked as done (ITP: yasm -- modular assembler with multiple syntaxes support) Bug#329397: marked as done (ITP: libphp-pclzip -- php class to manage zip archives) Bug#329425: psutils status Bug#329429: marked as done (ITP: libavg -- avg Ain't Vector Graphics) Bug#329455: marked as done (ITP: ree -- Extract ROM extensions) Bug#329485: Bug#224077: xsnow licensing Bug#329485: xsnow Bug#329695: marked as done (ITP: slgdbm -- access to GDBM databases from S-Lang) Bug#329771: (no subject) Bug#329771: marked as done (ITA: note -- small program managing notes from commandline) Bug#329925: marked as done (ITP: e00compr -- converter for E00 files) Bug#329977: marked as done (ITA: libcurses-ui-perl -- A curses based OO user interface framework) Bug#329996: marked as done (ITP: xmms-oggre -- ogg disk output plugin for XMMS) Bug#330010: marked as done (ITP: libjson-perl -- parse and convert to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)) Bug#330022: marked as done (ITP: lingalago-cil -- .NET bindings for libgalago) Bug#330023: ITP: libgalago -- Galago presence library Bug#330023: marked as done (ITP: libgalago -- Galago presence library) Bug#330076: marked as done (RFA: clisp -- GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation) Bug#330076: RFA: clisp -- GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation Bug#330092: marked as done (ITP: libset-crontab-perl - Expand crontab-style integer lists) Bug#330125: comaintenance offer Bug#330125: Regarding Debian Bug Report #330125 Bug#330178: ITP: b2evolution -- a multilingual, multiuser, multi-blog engine Bug#330244: marked as done (ITA: spell -- GNU Spell, a clone of Unix `spell') Bug#330342: marked as done (ITP: aptsh -- apt interactive shell) Bug#330355: ITP: libmms -- MMS stream protocol library Bug#330355: marked as done (ITP: libmms -- MMS stream protocol library) Bug#330358: marked as done (ITP: aspell-mr -- Aspell Marathi wordlist) Bug#330359: marked as done (ITP: aspell-or -- Aspell Oriya wordlist) Bug#330360: marked as done (ITP: aspell-pa -- Aspell Wordlist for Punjabi) Bug#330361: marked as done (ITP: aspell-ta -- Aspell wordlist for Tamil) Bug#330480: marked as done (ITA: fonttools -- Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML) Bug#330525: marked as done (ITA: squashfs -- Tool to create and append to squashfs filesystems) Bug#330525: squashfs debian package Bug#330525: willing to take care of this package Bug#330678: ITP: filezilla3 -- FileZilla 3 FTP Client Bug#330710: marked as done (ITP: karrigell -- python web server application framework) Bug#330732: marked as done (ITP: aspell-te -- Aspell Telugu wordlist) Bug#330953: I might be interested! Bug#330953: marked as done (RFA: rocks -- Make network sockets reliable in a transparent way) Bug#330993: RFP: flightgear-atlas -- Atlas aims to produce and display high quality charts of the world for users of FlightGear Bug#331039: ITP: mcron -- Vixie cron replacement written in Guile. Bug#331043: ITP: comix -- GTK Comic Book Viewer Bug#331043: sorry, a little mistake Bug#331072: ITP: cinelerra-cvs -- non-linear video editor and compositor for Linux. Bug#331079: ITP: hscurses -- Haskell binding to the ncurses library Bug#331091: RFA: libemail-find-perl -- Perl module to find RFC 822 email addresses in arbitrary text Bug#331092: RFA: libhtml-fromtext-perl -- Mark up text as HTML Bug#331093: RFA: libhtml-linkextractor-perl -- Perl module used to extract links from HTML documents Bug#331094: RFA: libhttp-cache-transparent-perl -- Perl module used to transparently cache HTTP requests Bug#331095: Orphaning instead of RFA Bug#331095: RFA: liblingua-en-numbers-ordinate-perl -- Perl module to convert from cardinal numbers to ordinal numbers Bug#331096: marked as done (RFA: liblingua-preferred-perl -- Perl module which allows language content negotiation) Bug#331096: RFA: liblingua-preferred-perl -- Perl module which allows language content negotiation Bug#331097: RFA: liblog-tracemessages-perl -- Perl module to allow for trace messages in Perl code Bug#331098: marked as done (RFA: libsort-versions-perl -- Perl module for sorting of revision (and similar) numbers) Bug#331098: RFA: libsort-versions-perl -- Perl module for sorting of revision (and similar) numbers Bug#331099: Orphaning instead of RFA Bug#331099: RFA: libsub-override-perl -- Perl module used to temporarily override subroutines Bug#331100: RFA: libterm-progressbar-perl -- Perl module to print a progress bar Bug#331101: marked as done (ITA: libtk-tablematrix-perl -- Table/matrix widget extension to Perl/Tk) Bug#331101: RFA: libtk-tablematrix-perl -- Table/matrix widget extension to Perl/Tk Bug#331102: marked as done (ITA: libxml-twig-perl -- Perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode) Bug#331102: RFA: libxml-twig-perl -- Perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode Bug#331103: marked as done (ITA: libxml-writer-perl -- Perl module for writing XML documents) Bug#331103: RFA: libxml-writer-perl -- Perl module for writing XML documents Bug#331105: Orphaning instead of RFA Bug#331105: RFA: libhtml-tokeparser-simple-perl -- Perl module used to tokenize HTML documents Bug#331108: ITA: xmltv Bug#331108: RFA: xmltv -- Functionality related to the XMLTV file format for TV listings Bug#331111: marked as done (ITA: bonobo) Bug#331111: O: bonobo Bug#331112: marked as done (O: gal -- G App Libs) Bug#331112: O: libgal19 Bug#331112: O: libgal19 [IMPORTANT] Bug#331113: marked as done (ITA: oaf) Bug#331113: O: oaf Bug#331129: ITP: dares -- rescue files from damaged CDs and DVDs Bug#331203: RFH: gutenbrowser -- Project Gutenberg Etext reader Bug#331268: ITP: loop-aes-modules -- auto-build loop-AES binary modules Bug#331287: ITP: criawips -- full featured presentation tool Bug#331319: ITP: ksubtile -- subtitle editor for KDE Bug#331319: marked as done (ITP: ksubtile -- subtitle editor for KDE) Bug#331320: RFP: proxy-applet -- An applet that allows you to change your GNOME Proxy configuration with a single click. Bug#331325: ITP: xfce4-cpufreq-plugin -- cpufreq information plugin for the Xfce4 panel Bug#331528: ITP: debinstaller -- a graphical frontend for installing local .deb packages Bug#331535: ITP: xmoto -- 2D motocross platform game Bug#331535: marked as done (ITP: xmoto -- 2D motocross platform game) Bug#331636: [Maintainer] Re: Bug#331636: ITP: scorereadingtrainer -- Trainer for reading music notes Bug#331636: ITP: scorereadingtrainer -- Trainer for reading music notes Bug#331636: ITP: scorereadingtrainer -- Trainer for reading music notes Bug#331636: marked as done (ITP: scorereadingtrainer -- Trainer for reading music notes) Bug#331642: RFH: fetchmail -- SSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder The last update was on 06:13 GMT Tue Nov 05. There are 1091 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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