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Bug#282022: Failed to download source

Martin Samuelsson @ 2005-05-30 (Monday), 13:01 (+0200)
> Yannick Brosseau @ 2005-05-27 (Friday), 10:09 (-0400)
> > Thanks for reporting, I forgot to upload the stage.orig.tar.gz file. 
> > You should be able to download it correctly now.
> Thanks! I managed to get a little longer with that file. However, I
> realized that the versions weren't exactly bleeding edge. So I made new
> packages of current versions using your files (player 1.6.4, stage
> 1.6.2).

I've now updated my installation to player 1.6.5 and stage 2.0.0a, and
had to make a few modifications.

First, stage 2.0.0a requires player 1.6.5 to build. Hence the
Build-depends needs to be updated accordingly.

Secondly, upstream installs stage documentation using cp without caring
$DESTDIR nor about checking for existance of the directory. A patch is
included. I do not know if this is fixed in CVS, if it isn't I guess
someone should report it upstream.

> The packages created work well for me, but I must ask. Did you intend to
> keep diffs to the config.sub and config.guess files or were those
> mistakes?

As I remember from earlier conversation, those files were added by
a quick debianization. That might be worth having noted in the BTS.

To my packages I have also added copied the files package.init and
package.default as player.init and player.default. To the default file I
added a configuration file to the DEAMON_OPTS. Having those files in a
debian package makes player start automatically on boot, which is
generally a good thing.
diff -ur stage-2.0.0a/docsrc/Makefile.in stage-2.0.0a-patched/docsrc/Makefile.in
--- stage-2.0.0a/docsrc/Makefile.in	2005-08-11 22:19:42.000000000 +0200
+++ stage-2.0.0a-patched/docsrc/Makefile.in	2005-10-19 16:24:12.104650824 +0200
@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@
 # install the most recent docs built
-	cp -r -p -v $(DOCDIR) $(prefix)/doc
+	install -d -p $(DOCDIR) $(DESTDIR)/$(prefix)/doc
 	rm -rf $(DOCDIR)

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