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achilles_2-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED addult conttent! admirable Woman at Pornn! adplay_1.5-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED adplug_2.0.1-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED adplug-xmms_1.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED agrep_4.17-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED , A part of The New York Times Company. apt-spy_3.1-15_i386.changes ACCEPTED aqsis_1.1.0.20050815-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED As as auditorium At observation on nod ava_0.3b.19990815-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED avrp_1.0beta3-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED bake_1.0-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bestt cumsshots on besst pick Girlss. Betty Do away with all you are indebted for without mailing another cent Re: blighte Blond Luesbian GRANDJMAS Laicks Pxussy & Tboying On Scofa Bug#121240: Debian Bug report logs - #121240 xgdvi: Fonts broken on a random default installation Bug#121240: [Fwd: Re: Debian Bug report logs - #121240 xgdvi: Fonts broken on a random default installation] Bug#209700: Read this in private Bug#243501: lush Bug#259548: please upgrade to fv 4.4 Bug#264114: cipe-source: New upstream version 1.6.0 available... Bug#294693: softbeep: softbeep causes darcs (zlib1g?) corruption Bug#304817: marked as done (qla2x00-source: wish qla2x00-modules build would create a changes file as well as a deb) Bug#306875: An updated package is available in Ubuntu that fixes this bug Bug#309641: marked as done (mailscanner: superfluous file /etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf) Bug#312081: marked as done (lush not find opencv cv.h) Bug#332249: marked as done (mailscanner: sendmail documentation) Bug#336570: marked as done (lush: demos do not run) Bug#340938: fixed Bug#340939: fixed Bug#342424: marked as done (lyskom-tty-client(GNU/k*BSD): FTBFS: out of date config.sub/config.guess) Bug#352571: sound file warning.wav is in gnome-audio Bug#355327: marked as done (FTBFS: ./configure: line 5527: syntax error near unexpected token `(') Bug#355360: official mirror given by apt-spy shows gpg warnings, this mirror doesn't have the right gpg key. Bug#358135: marked as done (dvilib2: directory /usr/share/DVIlib2 is missing in testing version of the package) Bug#366743: fixed Bug#378647: marked as done (netcdf-bin: fails to clean up /usr/doc symlink) Bug#380237: marked as done (qla2x00: Short description very misleading: this package works with kernel 2.6) Bug#389839: marked as done (diff for 3.1-14.1 NMU) Bug#397424: marked as done (achilles: In EnergyClass::EatFood limit food to fcap is not working) Bug#397736: quick-lounge-applet: i can't reproduce it anymore Bug#398567: cipe-common: still missing dep on module-init-tools Bug#398567: marked as done (cipe-common: postinst fails: /var/lib/dpkg/info/cipe-common.postinst: line 22: update-modules: command not found) Bug#400008: marked as done (htdig: [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po)) Bug#400009: marked as done (htdig: [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po)) Bug#401329: marked as done (Mailscanner logrotate and crondaily scripts) Bug#401589: marked as done (htdig: formatting typo in htdig(1) manpage) Bug#401985: marked as done (apt-spy: small typo in apt-spy.8 man page) Bug#402032: please update Bug#402445: marked as done (cegui-mk2: Please upgrade to version 0.5) Bug#402530: marked as done (mailscanner: [INTL:es] spanish po-debconf translation) Bug#402797: marked as done (mailscanner: SBL+XBL not free for govmnt/corporate users) Bug#402967: marked as done (mailscanner: init-script doesn't wait reliably for children to die) Bug#403772: marked as done (netcdf: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD) Bug#404049: marked as done (file conflict between lesstif-doc and libmotif-dev) Bug#404052: marked as done (file conflict between lesstif-doc and libmotif-dev) Bug#404235: trr19: segfault when no argument is given Bug#404428: marked as done (htdig: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation update) Bug#405396: fixed in 2.2-2, libmxml1 out of date on mips, not been uploaded? Bug#405396: libmxml1: descrition belongs to dev package Bug#405473: mimencode -qu vs. -q -u Bug#405517: fixed in 2.2-2, libmxml1 out of date on mips, not been uploaded? Bug#405517: libmxml1: package description belongs to a dev package Bug#405843: tex-guy: diff file for future NMU/QA upload - reviews are welcome Bug#405884: netcdfg-dev fails to install when /usr/doc is a symbolic link to /use/share/doc Bug#405885: More info Bug#405885: spf_dns.h requires HAVE_* symbols Bug#406154: libpermenu-perl is orphaned by Deepak Bug#406154: marked as done (libpermenu-perl is orphaned by Deepak) Bug#406408: d4x: "Find links in file" doesn't work, loops with 100% CPU until stopped Bug#406802: Depends on transitional mozilla-browser package Bug#406802: marked as done (Depends on transitional mozilla-browser package) Bug#406805: Depends on transitional mozilla-browser package Bug#406805: marked as done (Depends on transitional mozilla-browser package) Bug#406815: jedstate: jed doesn't read scripts inside /etc/jed-init.d/ Bug#406922: Gzipped savegames are not reloaded Bug#406949: reduce cron job noise Bug#407180: htdig: [INTL:de] updated German debconf translation Bug#407212: Where is tixwish? Bug#407416: Flawfinder: new release available Bug#407416: marked as done (Flawfinder: new release available) Bug#407505: xgdvi: please add versioned dependency on dvilib2 Bug#407575: playground does basically nothing Bug#407612: beep-media-player goes to background instead of stopping when it should close Bug#407953: [INTL:gl] Galician debconf templates translation for xawtv Bug#408104: Broken 'diff' function in the VCS::Cvs::Version perl module (bug & fix) Bug#408135: f-prot-installer: no longer available -- installation fails Bug#408194: FTBFS: build-deps on non-available libasound-dev Bug#408194: marked as done (FTBFS: build-deps on non-available libasound-dev) Bug#408240: ffingerd: postinst fails: line 10: update-inetd: command not found Bug#408240: marked as done (ffingerd: postinst fails: line 10: update-inetd: command not found) Bug#408240: uploaded Bug#408406: Culprit and a one line workaround Bug#408406: glibc malloc checker can abort deliver resulting in bounced mail Bug#408468: marked as done (tripwire: [INTL:de] German po-debconf template translation) Bug#408468: tripwire: [INTL:de] German po-debconf template translation Bug#408611: svn-arch-mirror: fails to sync a doubly checked out source tree Bug#408644: tripwire: Typos in debconf template Bug#408723: [l10n] Updated Czech translation of htdig debconf messages Bug#408796: please add armel support Bug#408804: myphpmoney: check tables Bug#408885: deco_3.9-2(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: TIOCGLTC undefined Bug#408885: marked as done (deco_3.9-2(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: TIOCGLTC undefined) Bug#409051: dcc-client: DCC should start before SpamAssassin Bug#409116: f-prot-installer: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages Bug#409174: tex-guy: dvi2html does not work Bug#409175: dvilib2: Please allow alternative texlive dependency C1AL1S - Cheapest Pr1ces and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! cadubi_1.2-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED CanadianStylePharmacy Candidate will be responsible for the direction and supervision of employees engaged in maintenance - operations functions within the fossil fueled power plant operations department. canna-shion_0.0.20010204-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED canna-shion_0.0.20010204-7_i386.changes REJECTED Catherine Eradicate everything you owe with out sending another dime Caute MTILFS Akmateur With Plonytail Sbhowing Bzoobs cfitsio_2.510-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cfitsio3_3.006-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cfitsio override disparity cipe_1.5.4free-12_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cppopt_0.0.2-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED dcd_0.99.2-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED deco_3.9-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED deco_3.9-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Detalles adentro Did you see this dmalloc_5.4.2-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED dmalloc override disparity docbook-to-man_2.0.0-23_i386.changes ACCEPTED Driving among the trees isn't bad Re: EDreinforce fw:Elbert Getting HOT Encore + de Petits Prix...2eme Demarque ! fw:Eugene Getting HOT ffingerd_1.28-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED ffingerd_1.28-6_i386.changes REJECTED ffingerd_1.28-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED ffingerd override disparity firedns_0.9.12+dfsg-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED firestring_0.9.12-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED flac123_0.0.9-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED 外商联系方式 Gling, Gling, Gling...Par ici les Economies ! glunarclock_0.32.4-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED glunarclock_0.32.4-6_i386.changes REJECTED Groupp gentle teeens ! gruftistats_0.2.4-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED gtk-imonc_0.6.4.1-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED !!!!!!HELLO COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED URGENTLY!!!!!! How do you find the right broker for your investment needs? How long you will live with small ramrod? :-)) htdig_3.2.0b6-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED html2ps_1.0b5-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED I called him "the car mechanic" セックス中のハ真を見せる代わりに今日会ってくれませんか? 【重要】AVマートからお知らせ 好きな女性を選んで個人メールができる国内最大掲示板! 新春のお手軽アルバイト!副業としてもウマイ! 応募したいのですが、二人組でも平気ですか? 土曜は何していますか?予定なかったら会えませんか? jered_1.6.8-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED JOB OFFER kiss_0.21-14_i386.changes ACCEPTED knl_1.0.4-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED ГОТОВЫЕ ШАБЛОНЫ ЛУЧШИЙ ПОДАРОК ОТРЫЛСЯ ПОРНИК РAССЫЛКИ ОТ 3000 РYБ. РАССЫЛКИ РЕКЛАМА В СЕТИ Сайт нуждается в рекламе Софт для рассылок lambdamoo_1.8.2-cvs20050209-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED leakbug_0.1.5+debian-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libbinio_1.4-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED libclass-contract-perl 1.14-4 MIGRATED to testing libextutils-f77-perl 1.15-1 MIGRATED to testing lyskom-tty-client_0.13.alfa.8-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED micro-httpd_20051212-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED micro-inetd_20050629-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED micro-proxy_20021030+debian-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED minit_0.10-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED moovies! {m_subj_e} muh_2.1+2.2-beta1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED RE: Need a{} Diplmoa? netcdf_3.6.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED netcdf 3.6.1-1 MIGRATED to testing nget_0.27.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED noffle_1.2.0~rc1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED Nothing like it qm Not making enough? Check this out. RE: Re: now alveolat (verification) Re: now crof nwall_1.32+debian-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED nwrite_1.9.2-18_i386.changes ACCEPTED openmotif_2.2.3-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED orpheus_1.5-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED outshine Lady in haard fuckinng. outstanding Peenis Re: oyrRX Patty thinks that it is good to drive Re: PHApodRMACY playground_0.3-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED playground REMOVED from testing playground-xmms_0.3-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED playground-xmms REMOVED from testing PLEASE GET BACK TO ME. Prescription-free Top Brands Available So|m|a v1aGr@ FLiU1NaY Processed: cipe-common: still missing dep on module-init-tools Processed: fixed in 2.2-2, libmxml1 out of date on mips, not been uploaded? Processed: Forwarded softbeep bug with darcs/zlib1g Processed: found 324025 in Processed: Occurs in rt2500 as well Processed: reassign 357465 to irmp3, reassign 317590 to apt-spy Processed: Re: Bug#406037: Acknowledgement (gnuradio_3.0.2-2(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: sdcc SEGV) Processed: Re: Bug#407612: beep-media-player goes to background instead of stopping when it should close Processed: Re: Bug#408240: ffingerd: postinst fails: line 10: update-inetd: command not found Processed: Re: Bug#408611: svn-arch-mirror: fails to sync a doubly checked out source tree Processed: tagging help Processing of achilles_2-7_i386.changes Processing of adplay_1.5-5_i386.changes Processing of adplug_2.0.1-4_i386.changes Processing of adplug-xmms_1.2-5_i386.changes Processing of agrep_4.17-4_i386.changes Processing of apt-spy_3.1-15_i386.changes Processing of aqsis_1.1.0.20050815-4_i386.changes Processing of ava_0.3b.19990815-4_amd64.changes Processing of avrp_1.0beta3-6_amd64.changes Processing of bake_1.0-6_i386.changes Processing of cadubi_1.2-6_amd64.changes Processing of canna-shion_0.0.20010204-7_i386.changes Processing of cfitsio_2.510-2_amd64.changes Processing of cfitsio3_3.006-2_amd64.changes Processing of cipe_1.5.4free-12_amd64.changes Processing of cppopt_0.0.2-4_amd64.changes Processing of dcd_0.99.2-4_i386.changes Processing of deco_3.9-2_amd64.changes Processing of deco_3.9-3_i386.changes Processing of dmalloc_5.4.2-7_i386.changes Processing of docbook-to-man_2.0.0-23_i386.changes Processing of ffingerd_1.28-6_i386.changes Processing of ffingerd_1.28-7_i386.changes Processing of firedns_0.9.12+dfsg-2_i386.changes Processing of firestring_0.9.12-7_i386.changes Processing of flac123_0.0.9-4_i386.changes Processing of glunarclock_0.32.4-6_i386.changes Processing of gruftistats_0.2.4-4_i386.changes Processing of gtk-imonc_0.6.4.1-2_amd64.changes Processing of htdig_3.2.0b6-3_amd64.changes Processing of html2ps_1.0b5-3_i386.changes Processing of jered_1.6.8-2_amd64.changes Processing of kiss_0.21-14_i386.changes Processing of knl_1.0.4-4_i386.changes Processing of lambdamoo_1.8.2-cvs20050209-6_i386.changes Processing of leakbug_0.1.5+debian-3_i386.changes Processing of libbinio_1.4-5_i386.changes Processing of lyskom-tty-client_0.13.alfa.8-5_amd64.changes Processing of micro-httpd_20051212-4_i386.changes Processing of micro-inetd_20050629-3_i386.changes Processing of micro-proxy_20021030+debian-3_i386.changes Processing of minit_0.10-4_i386.changes Processing of muh_2.1+2.2-beta1-3_i386.changes Processing of netcdf_3.6.1-1_i386.changes Processing of nget_0.27.1-5_i386.changes Processing of noffle_1.2.0~rc1-5_i386.changes Processing of nwall_1.32+debian-3_i386.changes Processing of nwrite_1.9.2-18_i386.changes Processing of openmotif_2.2.3-2_amd64.changes Processing of orpheus_1.5-6_i386.changes Processing of playground_0.3-2_amd64.changes Processing of playground-xmms_0.3-2_amd64.changes Processing of pxe_1.4.2-6_i386.changes Processing of quickplot_0.8.6-2_amd64.changes Processing of quintuple-agent_1.0.4-9_amd64.changes Processing of randtype_1.13-4_i386.changes Processing of setcd_1.5-4_amd64.changes Processing of sgrep_1.92a-12_i386.changes Processing of slidentd_1.0.0-5_i386.changes Processing of smarteiffel_1.1-12_i386.changes Processing of snack_2.2.9.dfsg-2_amd64.changes Processing of softbeep_0.3-16_i386.changes Processing of tclex_1.2a1-10_amd64.changes Processing of texmacs_1.0.6-11_amd64.changes Processing of texmacs_1.0.6.8-1_sparc.changes Processing of texmacs-extra-fonts_0.2_amd64.changes Processing of tiemu_2.00-3_amd64.changes Processing of tilp_6.80-4_amd64.changes Processing of transcalc_0.13-2_amd64.changes Processing of tripwire_2. Processing of ttf-dustin_20030517-5_i386.changes Processing of ttf-thryomanes_1.2-5_i386.changes Processing of usbmount_0.0.14.1_i386.changes Processing of wakeonlan_0.41-8_i386.changes Processing of wmsysmon_0.7.7-4_i386.changes Processing of xed_0.9.1-9_i386.changes Processing of xmake_1.06-6_i386.changes Processing of xmem_1.20-26_i386.changes pxe_1.4.2-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED qla2x00 REMOVED from testing quickplot_0.8.6-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED quintuple-agent_1.0.4-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED randtype_1.13-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED requestion for adding to distribution The right scent, carefully chosen, captures the interest of a customer. Russiian turned on Cutie hardcorre piccs and moviess. Re: RXdenunciator Re: RXfarmstea Re: R X iyr sctplib REMOVED from testing setcd_1.5-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED sgrep_1.92a-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED slidentd_1.0.0-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED smarteiffel_1.1-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED snack_2.2.9.dfsg-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED socketapi REMOVED from testing softbeep_0.3-16_i386.changes ACCEPTED SPUR-M {subj190107} tclex_1.2a1-10_amd64.changes ACCEPTED texmacs_1.0.6-11_amd64.changes ACCEPTED texmacs_1.0.6.8-1_sparc.changes ACCEPTED texmacs-extra-fonts_0.2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED tiemu_2.00-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED tilp_6.80-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED trabajo transcalc_0.13-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED tripwire_2. ACCEPTED trr19 REMOVED from testing true provooke for Pennis ttf-dustin_20030517-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED ttf-thryomanes_1.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED ttf-thryomanes_1.2-5_i386.changes REJECTED Un Air de Printemps sur usbmount_0.0.14.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: VIAuuxGRA A Vos Demarques, Prets? SOLDES ! wakeonlan_0.41-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED -С-П-A-М-ч-и-к- -P-R-S-T-A-T-U-S- Последняя распродажа сезона wmsysmon_0.7.7-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmsysmon override disparity worst Schoolgirl doiing most desirable blowjoob! xed_0.9.1-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED xed override disparity xmake_1.06-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED xmem_1.20-26_i386.changes ACCEPTED Your partner will worship you for it The last update was on 17:44 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 378 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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