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Bug#408611: svn-arch-mirror: fails to sync a doubly checked out source tree

It does not synchronise anything, it mirrors a svn branch as a tla
branch. As in: a situation where there is a monotone bijection between
the revisions of both branches.

I am afraid i was mistaken about what svn-arch-mirror can do. I
thougth it was able to synchronize the tla branch in a more elaborate
way. My mistake.

What do you expect svn-arch-mirror to do? Rollback the changes made by
tla and force the next tla revision to be exactly the svn revision?
Keep the tla changes and abandon the idea that a svn revision can be
found as is on the tla side?

I wish svn-arch-mirror could backtrack the tla revisions, synchronize
the tla tree with the svn repository, and replay the local tla
revisions. I realize that it would be not so easy to handle conflicts
with such an automatic feature of svn-arch-mirror...

Now, i guess the right thing to do is to apply the protocol you
described in your previous email.

Thank you for your help !

Jean-Marc Notin

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