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Bug#407416: Flawfinder: new release available

Package: flawfinder
Version: 1.26-4

There's a new version of flawfinder which was announced quite recently:


Flawfinder is a program that can automatically scan C/C++ code to look for
potential security flaws, and is exceptionally easy to use. Version 1.27 of
flawfinder has just been released! The main new feature is that flawfinder
can now report on ONLY changes made in a program... so if you are submitting
a patch to a program, you can use flawfinder to examine only those changes
(instead of reporting on the entire program). This is really useful when
dealing with big programs. Various other smaller improvements have been made
as well. Enjoy! 


This version also integrates the fixes introduced by Steve in the package
(fixing some bugs).  I have a package ready to upload fixing this issue, but
I'm waiting for a conclusion on #390217 (ITA) before taking action


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