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Bug#408804: myphpmoney: check tables

Package: myphpmoney
Version: 1.3RC3+dfsg-2
Severity: whislist


 It is necessary to always check if tables exist? This
is necessary only at first usage, for create the tables.

 My suggestion is create the tables when installing the
package. At the moment, only the data base is created.
And comment lines 44 and 45 in public_html/class/extends.class file.

 ## Create the table
//     if ($this->verif() == 2) include_once $_MPM['dir_tables'].''.$_MPM['table_lib'];
//     if ($this->verif() == 1) include_once $_MPM['dir_tables'].''.$_MPM['table_php'];

Or something more simple. Define in public_html/config/vars.inc.php file:

  *         DEFINE  0 = DISABLE
  *         DEFINE  1 = ENABLE  (default)
      define('__CHK_TABLE__',                              1);

and use a flag in public_html/class/extends.class:

var $Chk_tables		= __CHK_TABLE__;   ## 1 default check.

if  (isset($this->Chk_tables) && $this->Chk_tables == 1) {
	if ($this->verif() == 2) include_once $_MPM['dir_tables'].''.$_MPM['table_lib'];
	if ($this->verif() == 1) include_once $_MPM['dir_tables'].''.$_MPM['table_php'];

 Then put a message in the Helper window. Below  Calendar window.

"to improve performance disable checking tables in
public_html/config/vars.inc.php. To be used _after_ signup."

The program will improve performace.


Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto (hpfn)
Linux user number 416100
0x9834F79E -- http://pgp.mit.edu/

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