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Bug#243501: lush

Dear Everyone,

I am going to adopt the package lush (so it doesn't get removed from
Debian) under Debian GNU/Linux OS, thus I want to fix few bugs
before I upload it under my name.

This is a follow-up to
lush_1.0+cvs.2004.04.02(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: errors during data
file build and relevant to

M/P-a-s: lush [ia64] -- RoM; ia64-ELF issues

It seems that this issue is no longer existent on ia64 platform
for sid.  Please see full build log (running within uptodate sid ia64
chroot using pdebuild)
(also built fine within a chroot on ia64 debian box)

Absent upstream changelog forbids me to guess what upstream
release/change has fixed this bug, but current sid version seems to
build fine and runs as well (or as bad) as on any other platform (during
simple testing), thus I question a statement made in #267494: "Lush does
not work on ia64, and it is only accidental that past builds worked.".
It *does* work on ia64 and was working - it just wasn't building
right ;-)

Dear maintainers of packages-arch-specific, please remove lush entry
(which was marked as ANAIS so not fully inspected if I understood that
abbreviate correctly ;-)), so it could be built in a regular fashion for
ia64, and would allow me to close relevant bug.

Thanks everyone in advance
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