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Re: 3.25% rate approval Re: Account Processed Re: activation required arpd_1.0.2-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: astonishment, missed and only autoconf-archive_20041123-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED binstats_1.08-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED bookmarker package in stable Bug#100982: marked as done (/sbin/inb doesn't have a real manpage) Bug#102921: Downl0ad Holiday Music Bug#102921: New message from Kerry Bug#102921: Online Pharmayr Bug#102921: Online pre-approved rates Bug#102921: University & College Qualifications Fast Results. Start Today. Bug#121201: Bug#121201: Hey, It's me, MayTDQ86621 from MSN Bug#121201: MNEI Investor's Toolbox kyoto Bug#143952: Get every Seinfeld TV episode on a set of DVDs online Bug#143952: (no subject) Bug#143952: Save your money today when buying software - only reasonable prices here.. browne Bug#149017: Bug#158293: marked as done (cd-circleprint: English language usage) Bug#173197: Workaround Bug#197934: Xpaint 2.7.0 packages built and tested, should I NMU? Bug#224831: marked as done ("modemu -s" does not quit after displaying the pty, why?) Bug#232796: marked as done (Half-broken dependency on emacs20) Bug#232848: marked as done (arpd: contains mystery file) Bug#233782: marked as done (cd-circleprint: fails at set distances) Bug#245489: marked as done (squidtaild: Doesn't remove files in /etc on purge) Bug#245826: marked as done (t-gnus: please maintain and update the package) Bug#248201: Reassign to freeglut3 Bug#250140: marked as done ([l10:ca] catalan debconf templates) Bug#251252: marked as done (obexftp: Doesn't read from Ericsson T630 phone) Bug#251252: obexftp: Looks like the patch is applied but insufficiently Bug#251252: upstream bug filed Bug#252527: loadlin: FTBFS amd64: missing architecture Bug#259804: marked as done (yiff: Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po)) Bug#259822: marked as done (simplecdrx: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: ISO C++ forbids cast to non-reference type used as lvalue) Bug#259924: marked as done (xitalk: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: conflicting types for 'malloc') Bug#260608: marked as done (webmin-dhcpd dependency problem) Bug#261328: marked as done (obexftp: Add support for identifying current Sony-Ericsson phones) Bug#261328: obexftp: This is fixed in current version : bug can be closed Bug#263265: marked as done (nitpic: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: default arguments are only permitted for function parameters) Bug#264173: Bug#264173: marked as done (xtrlock: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: label at end of compound statement) Bug#273177: marked as done (Missing man page for squidtaild) Bug#273177: problem with squidtaild Bug#274761: marked as done (gibraltar-bootsupport, loadlin: gibraltar-bootsupport and loadlin have a conflicting file) Bug#278190: Bug#278191: CAN-2005-0079: authentication bypass via integer overflow Bug#278190: CAN-2005-0079: authentication bypass via integer overflow Bug#278190: marked as done (xtrlock unlocks upon very long input) Bug#278191: CAN-2005-0079: authentication bypass via integer overflow Bug#278191: crash Bug#278191: marked as done (xtrlock unlocks upon very long input) Bug#278191: patch Bug#279442: Bug 279442 is user error Bug#281017: Me too Bug#282062: libflash-mozplugin: undefined symbol: XtWindowToWidget Bug#282062: /usr/lib/mozilla/mozilla-bin: relocation error: /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ undefined symbol: XtWindowToWidget Bug#284855: Command-line option Bug#284855: Fix: start in windowed mode at 640x480 window size Bug#285580: marked as done (Manpage problems) Bug#285581: marked as done (Cannot connect to a Siemens S55) Bug#285762: s/exit(0)/last/ ? Bug#285969: marked as done (Danish translation of the Debconf-template for yiff-server.) Bug#286017: Patch correction Bug#286017: [patch] webcheck: Nonfunctional with python 2.3.4 Bug#286885: marked as done (irqtune fails if /usr/src/linux is installed) Bug#286885: (no subject) Bug#287128: marked as done (webmin-mysql needs to depend on mysql-client or mysql-client-4.1) Bug#287809: marked as done (nitpic: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): default arguments are only permitted for function parameters) Bug#287994: marked as done (xsok: chown uses . not :) Bug#288022: marked as done ([l10n] Initial Czech translation of yiff debconf messages) Bug#288142: xsok: Undo option doesn't stop at last undoable (first given) step Bug#288143: xsok: application killed after closing subwindow "Help" Bug#288143: xsok: patch to support window manager close button Bug#288481: marked as done (webmin-wvdial deletes symlink at /etc/resolv.conf) Bug#288481: New release of resolvconf pending Bug#288773: wordinspect: wrong behavior for non english languages Bug#289181: obexftp: Fails to work with Nokia 9500 Communicator via bluetooth Bug#289181: obexftp: Please provide debug output Bug#289259: compiled against experimental libxml2 Bug#289259: marked as done (compiled against experimental libxml2) Bug#289322: gfslicer: Please remove Build-Depends on 'libdb3-dev' Bug#289322: marked as done (gfslicer: Please remove Build-Depends on 'libdb3-dev') Bug#289393: "No space left on device." Which device? Bug#289395: how to control /tmp directory? Bug#289464: probably exit()s somewhere Bug#289464: solved Bug#289464: webmin-core: Scheduled Cron Jobs doesn't show nothing Bug#289485: gupsc: Please remove the Build-Depends on 'libdb3-dev' Bug#289485: marked as done (gupsc: Please remove the Build-Depends on 'libdb3-dev') Bug#289512: [l10n] Initial Czech translation of xbanner debconf messages Bug#289518: [ obexftp override disparity] Bug#289518: marked as done ([ obexftp override disparity]) Bug#289627: webmin-samba: Activating Samba user fails with no feedback Bug#289628: webmin-samba: Wrong UID in "Edit Samba User" Bug#289640: guppi: Please remove the Build-Depends on 'libdb3-dev' Bug#290133: rio500: Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po) Bug#290229: marked as done (xwhois: binary-without-manpage xwhois) Bug#290229: xwhois: binary-without-manpage xwhois Bug#290574: catalog: Pleass add catalan translation of the debconf templates Bug#290822: billard-gl: buffer overflows in $HOME and conf-file Bug#290939: dhcp-dns: typo in control file Bug#291032: xlogmaster: Segfault while CustomizeEntries->Database Bug#291120: Shows bogus 'time remaining' info when on AC Bug#291513: marked as done (xsok: the program doesn't start) Bug#291513: xsok: the program doesn't start Bug#291651: straw: depends on experimental libraries Bug#292242: [ Re: [ [ Bug#292242: manpage looks not distributeable, as license not adhered]]] Bug#292242: manpage looks not distributeable, as license not adhered Bug#292242: marked as done (manpage looks not distributeable, as license not adhered) Bug#292404: marked as done (webmin-telnet: tries to open non-existent file jta20.jar) Bug#292404: webmin-telnet: tries to open non-existent file jta20.jar Bug#292443: libsnacc0: depends on experimental libgcc1 on i386 Bug#292443: marked as done (libsnacc0: depends on experimental libgcc1 on i386) Bug#292553: xlhtml: date as number in certain xls Bug#292560: python-xlib: add support for Python 2.4 Bug#67384: was levelled against Re: But what is it, cd-circleprint_0.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Cheap software for you please. waist waylaid Confirmation Required cons_2.2.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED dbix-cgi-perl_0.06-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED dbix-cgi-perl override disparity Delivery Status, Package Number : 030970VLO854007SK diskless-createbasetgz error DogBoot eleventh-hour transition for mysql-using packages related to apache floatbg_1.0-20_i386.changes ACCEPTED Get yourself that rolex you always wanted but dont pay the price gfslicer_1.5.4-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED gfslicer override disparity gkdial_1.8.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED gkdial_1.8.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED gkdial override disparity GOOD DAY guppi_0.40.3-11_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gupsc_0.3.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED gupsc override disparity help maintain vkeybd package Heyllooo, Baby Hey sorry about the late response.. hwtools_0.8-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED icecast-client_1.4.0-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED Industry News ldp-docbook-stylesheets_0.0.20040321-1_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libflash_0.4.11-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED liblingoteach_0.2.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED lingoteach-lesson_0.4.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED lingoteach-sound_0.3.9-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED lingoteach-ui_0.3.9a-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Link Exchange? middleman_2.0.1+cvs20040427-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED modemu_0.0.1-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED (no subject) now buoy Software from your pocket money obexftp_0.10.6-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED obexftp override disparity Re: O: libcapplet1 -- Library for Gnome Control Center applets Package Status, Shipment Number : 70XI94bf4US Package Status, Shipment Number : 71U99q1RG photopc_3.05-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED photopc override disparity playmidi_2.4-4woody1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Processed: cloning 237450, severity of -1 is serious, retitle -1 to php4-dbase: to be removed ... Processed: cloning 241112, reassign -1 to Processed: cloning 250327, severity of -1 is serious, retitle -1 to widestudion: to be removed ... Processed: cloning 254338, severity of -1 is serious, retitle -1 to xstroke: to be removed ... Processed: cloning 259746, severity of -1 is serious, retitle -1 to gutenbook: to be removed ... Processed: cloning 266116, severity of -1 is serious, retitle -1 to ucbmpeg: to be removed ... Processed: probably exit()s somewhere Processed: Fixed in NMU of loadlin 1.6c-1 Processed: Fix: start in windowed mode at 640x480 window size Processed: merging 282062 283408 290801, retitle 290801 to libflash-mozplugin: crashes with relocation error ... Processed: more webmin bug triage Processed: moving old pending bugs to my current e-mail Processed: new upstream release 1.5 Processed: patch available Processed: [patch] webcheck: Nonfunctional with python 2.3.4 Processed: rdiff-backup cleanup Processed: Reassign to freeglut3 Processed: Re: Bug#278191: CAN-2005-0079: authentication bypass via integer overflow Processed: Re: Bug#290939: dhcp-dns: typo in control file Processed: Re: if there is nothing, you might as well close it Processed: retitle 288481 to webmin-wvdial deletes symlink at /etc/resolv.conf Processed: s/exit(0)/last/ ? Processed: solved Processed: tagging 143578 Processed: tagging 176200 Processed: tagging 197689 Processed: tagging 222176 Processed: tagging 278191 Processed: tagging 288481 Processed: tagging 292404 Processed: This makes the packages unusable Processed: upgrading severity Processed: your mail Processing of arpd_1.0.2-10_i386.changes Processing of autoconf-archive_20041123-1_i386.changes Processing of binstats_1.08-6_i386.changes Processing of cd-circleprint_0.4-2_i386.changes Processing of cons_2.2.0-4_i386.changes Processing of dbix-cgi-perl_0.06-5_i386.changes Processing of floatbg_1.0-20_i386.changes Processing of gfslicer_1.5.4-4_i386.changes Processing of gkdial_1.8.0-2_i386.changes Processing of gkdial_1.8.0-3_i386.changes Processing of guppi_0.40.3-11_powerpc.changes Processing of gupsc_0.3.1-5_i386.changes Processing of hwtools_0.8-3_i386.changes Processing of icecast-client_1.4.0-6_i386.changes Processing of ldp-docbook-stylesheets_0.0.20040321-1_powerpc.changes Processing of libflash_0.4.11-3_i386.changes Processing of liblingoteach_0.2.1-2_i386.changes Processing of lingoteach-lesson_0.4.2-2_i386.changes Processing of lingoteach-sound_0.3.9-2_i386.changes Processing of lingoteach-ui_0.3.9a-3_i386.changes Processing of middleman_2.0.1+cvs20040427-5_i386.changes Processing of modemu_0.0.1-8_i386.changes Processing of obexftp_0.10.6-2_i386.changes Processing of photopc_3.05-5_i386.changes Processing of playmidi_2.4-4woody1_i386.changes Processing of race_0.7.0-10_i386.changes Processing of radiuscontext_1.88-1_i386.changes Processing of simplecdrx_1.3.2-3_i386.changes Processing of snacc_1.3bbn-7.0.1_i386.changes Processing of snacc_1.3bbn-7_i386.changes Processing of straw_0.25.1-3_i386.changes Processing of webmin-optional_1.160-3_i386.changes Processing of x10_1.06-8_i386.changes Processing of xitalk_1.1.11-13_i386.changes Processing of xsok_1.02-13_i386.changes Processing of xsok_1.02-14_i386.changes Processing of xt-aterm_2.0.5-2_i386.changes Processing of xtrlock_2.0-9_i386.changes Processing of xt-sdf2_2.0.1-3_i386.changes Processing of xt-toolbus_0.25-2_i386.changes Processing of xt-toolbuslib_0.5.1-2_i386.changes Processing of yiff_2.14.2-4_i386.changes Processing of zircon_1.18.255-4_i386.changes race_0.7.0-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED radiuscontext_1.88-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED fwd:RE; how to save on my m this month Remember me? ArmandXKL47937 from AIM Remember me? DiehlFDF95327 from AIM Remember me? HancockMNP51274 from AIM Remember me? LoisOHN3395 from AIM RendaExtra com Internet - Ship Confirmation, Tracking Number : MKTG832058281047BHV Ship Confirmation, Tracking Number : ZJX18989197453ZNOK Shipment Confirmation, Tracking Number : AKSD678074734190ZPV Shipment Status, Package Number : 9100CE18179SC Shipping Confirmation, Tracking Number : FJV42384825663YDR Shipping Notification, Tracking Number : PBU7182343577CPVM Shipping Status, Package Number : 2595UL2183GCD simplecdrx_1.3.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED snacc_1.3bbn-7.0.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED snacc_1.3bbn-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED snacc override disparity straw_0.25.1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Urgent News Grand Theft Rolex Rolex Mart webmin-optional_1.160-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED re: when a deal on meds like this comes along x10_1.06-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED xitalk_1.1.11-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED xsok_1.02-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED xsok_1.02-14_i386.changes ACCEPTED xt-aterm_2.0.5-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED xtrlock_2.0-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED xt-sdf2_2.0.1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xt-toolbus_0.25-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED xt-toolbuslib_0.5.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED yiff_2.14.2-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED You last chance to save on your zircon_1.18.255-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 17:44 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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