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Bug#289640: guppi: Please remove the Build-Depends on 'libdb3-dev'

Hi Andreas,

* [ 10-01-05 - 10:37 ] Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de> wrote: 
>  The attached patch removes the Build-Depends on 'libdb3-dev'
>  from debian/control. It is not necessary and 'libdb3-dev'
>  has problems on the amd64 and ppc64 architectures.

Note that libgnome-dev (which guppi Build-Depends from) Depends from

Although it is correct to remove libdb3-dev from guppi's Build-Depends,
this will not solve amd64 and ppc64 problems, since it is necessary to
install it in order to install libgnome-dev (if libgnome-dev
dependencies are right). 


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