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Re: bookmarker package in stable

Re: Charles H Baker in <20050119190926.GA22104@charleshbaker.com>
> Bookmarker doesn't recognize new top level domains like info or biz. I
> can submit a bug report and patch. However this package is in stable,
> not testing or unstable and didn't know if it would be used or even
> wanted.


bookmarker has been removed from the unstable distribution, i.e. it
will not be part of the next Debian release. I regret that a patch for
the stable version will not make much sense in that case.

If you are a regular bookmarker user, you can browse the bug reports
about bookmarker to see why it was removed; and if its upstream
development is still active, try to package the a new version that
will be added to Debian again.

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