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Bug#289464: cron-lib.pl probably exit()s somewhere

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Investigating a customers support request I tracked the problem
down to foreign_require() on cron being broken (exits).

Following I paste my notes, in case they might be helpful (inverse
chronological order):

Date: 2005-01-12 16:43
Sender: arthur
Logged In: YES 

I tried to install a fresh current cron module (only the 
cron module) from webmin.com. This failed since KAPA has 
webmin 0.94 and webmin.com has 1.170 (which is in testing 
Then I fetched webmin-core from debian and untarred the 
cron module from there. Didn't work either (same error as 
we had in the first place). 
Further I noticed that the acl_security.pl form (shown in 
the "webmin users" module) is broken too. I couldn't
or get it to produce logs error messages. It seems to 
terminate before producing any output for all CGIs in 
webmin/cron/*. It can't be a die() or a compilation error, 
I tried this and they _allways_ lead to an error being 
sent to the user. 
Maybe they should try with a current Webmin first, since 
it works for me with the webmin from testing/unstable 

Date: 2005-01-12 15:41
Sender: arthur
Logged In: YES 

When I try to access the cron module in webmin on KAPA I 
get this: 
Beim Laden von https://localhost:11111/cron/ ist folgender 
Fehler aufgetreten: 
Verbindung zu Rechner localhost ist unterbrochen 
Which kinda explains the problem ... 

Date: 2004-12-24 13:42
Sender: arthur
Logged In: YES 

Hmm, fiddling around with my installation here it looks 
like it can't be the cron module entirely missing. Maybe 
it just fails or such. I need shell access on the affected 
machine to tell for shure. 
For the content-type header not to be printed, something 
in this code has to exit: 
require './afbackup-lib.pl'; # not specific to this script 
&foreign_require('cron', 'cron-lib.pl'); 
if ($in{'submit'}) { # only for saving 
my %job; # cant exit 
@job{qw(mins hours days months weekdays)} = split(/\s+/, 
$in{'custom'}); # cant exit 
&afheader('edit_schedule_custom'); # not specific 
So you see, the foreign_require is a strong candidate. 

Date: 2004-12-24 13:32
Sender: arthur
Logged In: YES 

Check whether the webmin cron module is available. 
This is actually a declared webmin dependency, but I never 
thought about checking what webmin does when such dep's 
are not satisfied after webmin upgrades and suchlike (only 
on module install). 

[It all started with a message from a customer complaining that he can't
modify his backup schedules when he want's to use the "custom" method
(which uses cron-lib.pl forms)]

ciao, 2ri
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