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Bug#289640: guppi: Please remove the Build-Depends on 'libdb3-dev'

On 05-Jan-10 12:51, Emanuele Rocca wrote:
> Note that libgnome-dev (which guppi Build-Depends from) Depends from
> libdb3-dev.
> Although it is correct to remove libdb3-dev from guppi's Build-Depends,
> this will not solve amd64 and ppc64 problems, since it is necessary to
> install it in order to install libgnome-dev (if libgnome-dev
> dependencies are right). 

Because of the problems with 'libdb3-dev', the experimental amd64 and 
ppc64 archives currently use a patched version of 'libgnome-dev' 
which depends on 'libdb4.3-dev' instead of 'libdb3-dev'.

The 'libguppi-dev' package also explicitly Depends on 'libdb3-dev'
which causes similar problems.

Thank you for your help!

Andreas Jochens

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