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[no subject] awesfx_0.4.4-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#118426: marked as done (awe-netscape-libc6: Broken with Mozilla 0.9.5.) Bug#128111: marked as done (awe-drv: wish a init.d script) Bug#139446: acknowledged by developer (awe removed) Bug#139446: marked as done (awe-netscape-libc6: asks to create symlink interactively) Bug#159897: marked as done (mantis: Embedded HTML in description-area causes Mantis not to display the rest of the page) Bug#159897: Update to mantis package Bug#160630: marked as done (mantis: missing encoding spec ) Bug#160885: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#169410: marked as done (pilot-link: Mess with Python version in source package) Bug#176296: marked as done (ietf2datebook: syntax error near unexpected token `)') Bug#179963: marked as done (pilot-link should conflict with pilot-link-perl) Bug#182150: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#185812: marked as done (pilot-link: pilot-mail missing) Bug#189401: marked as done (cacti: Non "standard" english in debconf templates as well as typos) Bug#191103: crash after replying to a ticket Bug#191192: magpie: flex-old to flex migration Bug#191733: marked as done (mantis: French debconf templates update) Bug#193150: marked as done (Unclear questions in configuration) Bug#193202: Spying bug Bug#194913: Bug#195322: fastlink: Incorrect Maintainer: field Bug#194913: marked as done (fastlink: FTBFS with gcc-3.3: Uses obsolete varargs.h) Bug#195322: fastlink: Incorrect Maintainer: field Bug#195322: marked as done (fastlink: Incorrect Maintainer: field) Bug#195591: marked as done (svgalib: FTBFS with gcc-3.3: Invalid preprocessor pasting) Bug#195753: cbb graphs fail to display when using US format start/end dates Bug#196073: gtk-doc-tools and #196073 Bug#196303: fix for #196303 Bug#196303: sted2: FTBFS with gcc-3.3: Uses multiline strings Bug#196434: freeamp: cannot install freeamp Bug#196871: marked as done (tux-aqfh is not installable on ia64) Bug#196871: tux-aqfh is not installable on ia64 Bug#197115: vrflash_0.24-3(hppa/unstable): config.guess and friends out of date Bug#197119: cacti: Some strings shouldn't be marked for translation Bug#197119: marked as done (cacti: Some strings shouldn't be marked for translation) Bug#197127: causes screen to garble xterm titles Bug#197414: Attempt to call a wrong filename Bug#197414: marked as done (Attempt to call a wrong filename) Bug#197538: catalog: [wishlist] Please include Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) debconf template translation Bug#198065: multi-gnome-terminal floods .xsession-errors Bug#198672: gnapster-gtk: Napigator website IP hard coded Bug#198676: gtk-doc-tools: fails to install Bug#198777: cacti: Cacti 0.8.1 is out, could be nice to update package. ;) Bug#199210: gtk-doc_1.0-8(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: bad build-depends Bug#199303: lcdproc: misspelling in its long description Bug#199359: timidity-patches: The sound quality seems to be REMARKABLY reduced Bug#43297: Are you smoker? You can save money on tobacco! Bug#65794: Are you smoker? You can save money on tobacco! cacti_0.6.8a-13.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED cacti_0.6.8a-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED distributed-net_2.9001.478-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED distributed-net-pproxy_319c-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED epic4-script-splitfire_1.35-4_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED gnome-print_0.37-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnome-print override disparity gtk-doc_1.0-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED gtk-doc_1.0-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED gtkrecover_0.3-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED Hi, question about cacti judy_0.0.4-4_source.changes ACCEPTED kbackup_1.2.11-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED kbackup override disparity kforth_1.0.11-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Konfiguration lcdproc_0.4.3-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED libcapplet_1.5.11-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED libcapplet override disparity!!! libghttp_1.0.9-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED libghttp_1.0.9-9_i386.changes REJECTED libzvt_2.0.1cvs20021009-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED mantis_0.17.5-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED mantis_0.17.5-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED memprof_0.5.1-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED New version of libgdbm and how it affects your package(s) pente_2.2.5-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED php-gtk_0.5.1-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED Processed: fix for #196303 Processed: This bug is not fixed yet, and cannot be fixed for now Processed: Update to mantis package Processed: Woody Processed: your mail recover_1.3c-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED request-tracker_2.0.14-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED seaview_20021127-2.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED svgalib_1.4.3-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED svgalib override disparity timidity-patches_0.2-1.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED tux-aqfh_1.0.14-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED tux-aqfh_1.0.14-5_i386.changes REJECTED vrflash_0.24-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED vtcl_1.6.0b2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED wanpipe_2.1.1-2.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Wrong URL for xanim-modules The last update was on 17:50 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 99 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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