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Re: Bug#193150: marked as done (Unclear questions in configuration)

Dear QA group,

Yesterday, I uploaded the following :

> Changes: 
>  mantis (0.17.5-6) unstable; urgency=low
>  .
>    * NMU
>    * added french debconf translation. Closes: #191733
>    * Corrected all double spaces in templates file. Careful edition of
>      pt_BR.po and de.po for avoiding lots of fuzzy strings
>    * same for s/mysql/MySQL. Translators already did it properly.
>    * fixed templates file for some bad english or typos. Tried to be
>      as less invasive as possible so that de.po and pt_BR.po do not turn
>      out fuzzy. Closes: #193150
> Files: 
>  4ca020f9f7213216de4506b5c554caab 588 web extra mantis_0.17.5-6.dsc
>  4ebb18bd6c454ee27dfdcc9770e031f8 18350 web extra mantis_0.17.5-6.diff.gz
>  00a5f5dc8b21c9c97c1a1db351b63785 298638 web extra mantis_0.17.5-6_all.deb

I intended to do a NMU, but unfortunately messed up in the revision
number, causing this to look as a normal upload and thus closing bugs.

As this package is currently not maintained, I guess this is not a
major problem. I hope the package will be adopted. I won't do so as I
do not have any interest in the package, or any competence for
maintaining it. My only concern was in fixing a really bad french

But, anyway, I wanted to apologize for the error....


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