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New version of libgdbm and how it affects your package(s)

[ This is an automated mail. ]


I've just uploaded a new version of gdbm to the archives.  It's
currently available from queue/accepted (i.e. http://incoming.debian.org/)
and will hit mirrors in the next cron.daily at 6:52 GMT tomorrow

It looks like this will affect the following packages you maintain:

 saml: saml_970418-10

 xkbsel: xkbsel_0.13-13.1

The new version of gdbm bumps the library soname (from 2 to 3) and
also the -dev package has been renamed to libgdbm-dev.  Please update
your build-depends and recompile your package.  Although the ABI has
changed, I don't think the API has, so no source changes should be

The only exception to that is stuff using the old dbm and ndbm
compatibility functions; they've been split out into a separate
library, so in the unlikely event your package still uses them you'll
need to explicitly link in the new gdbm_compat library (or even better
update the code to use gdbm functions instead).

The on-disk format of the database has _not_ changed; it should be a
transparent upgrade in that regard.

Given the small number of packages affected, no old -dev package has
been created, so as of today's dinstall run, your package will become
unbuildable from source (an RC bug).  I'll file those bugs in a
couple/several weeks time; this mail is just a heads up.

gdbm is glacially slow upstream; I don't anticipate another soname
change soon (the last one was ~10 years ago :), but I apologize in
advance for the inconvenience.


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