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Bug#196073: gtk-doc-tools and #196073

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 10:53:58 +0200, Martin Quinson wrote:
> you uploaded a new version of gtk-doc the 2003-06-19 (maintainer:
> debian-qa) to fix a few bugs, but you forgot the #196073 one, which were
> marked pending by the maintainer before orphaning, and not fixed.

I didn't forget it. I was concerned only about the issues effecting the
libgsf package which I maintain.

> Could you please reupload this package with the needed dependency ?

No. Reading #196073 it talks about packages that use both gtk-doc-tools and
automake at build time and don't declare their build dependencies properly.
IMO that's a bug in those packages, not in gtk-doc-tools.

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