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Re: Bits from the release team (freeze time line) Re: Bluetooth mouse and keyboard not detected after pause Re: Bug#715408: possibly duplicate: Bug#728936: Debian testing installer does not dectect USB keyboard Bug#728936 - Has anyone succeeded in installing Jessie on PowerPC? Re: Bug#728936 tried amd64 netinst sid daily-build. Problem not found on amd Re: Bug#728936: installation-reports: still present on PowerPC netinst as of 2013/11/24 Followup-For: Bug #728936 Package: installation-reports Re: Bug#731069: gcc-defaults: Please resume considering to change using unified version of gcc Bug#731261: transition: Qt5 switching qreal == double for all platforms Bugs #728936, #730789, #731939 are duplicates: no USB input in debian-installer due to missing ohci-pci Debian testing installer does not dectect USB keyboard. getting relatively unstable Re: getting relatively unstable (hppa) Re: debootstrap and debian-ports Is there a way to ssh into the debian installation process? kernel freezes with nouveau Re: maintainer communication maintainer communication (was Re: Debian kernel regression, was Re: Modernizing a Macintosh LC III) My K9 Blackdog Re: Radeon driver failed to load We're looking for Linux beta testers for our new PowerPC board Wrong colors with Mesa 9.2 and Mesa 10.0 on Debian Sid The last update was on 07:31 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 60 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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