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Re: debian-ports.org getting relatively unstable (hppa)

Helge Deller dixit:

>We noticed, that when we manually binmnu-upload packages, which are
>already in the *same version* on debian-ports, then debian-ports ACCEPT

When you binNMU packages you add a +b1, +b2, … suffix to their
versions. ITYM porter upload?

>those packages, but if we then try to apt-get-update those later on, this leads
>to a "size mismatch" error. I do have the feeling, that this is a
>problem on debian-ports.

I noticed this problem too, when I accidentally built a package
I already had uploaded (and totally forgotten about): basically,
the new *.deb files are accepted but the Packages file still
contains the checksums etc. from the old *.deb file.

Only way to fix this is to reupload the old *.changes file, or
to do a binNMU proper. Or to build a newer version, ofc…

>So, I'm anxious, that if I start the buildd, it will happily build and upload packages
>which we already uploaded to debian-ports. If this happens we will get more
>size-mismatch errors.

That’s what you have wanna-build for. Basically, stop doing
manual uploads without wanna-build locking at least six hours
before turning on the first buildd. After that time, when you
want/need to build a package manually, lock it in wanna-build:
either “take” it for building, or mark as N-F-U.

See here for more info on that:

• https://wiki.debian.org/M68k/Porting#binNMU_noteshttp://lists.debian.org/debian-68k/2012/12/msg00124.htmlhttp://lists.debian.org/debian-68k/2013/10/msg00021.html

If you have packages that buildds should never build, for example
like we had gcc-4.{6,8} for some time, mark them as Not-For-Us;
otherwise, just take them for building.

>deller@leda:~$ wb info hello . hppa

This the same as “wanna-build -A hppa -d unstable --info hello”.

>But on http://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian/pool-hppa/main/h/hello/ you can
>see, that the hello-package is already uploaded at version 2.8-4

Indeed. This is bad, new, another / a different problem, and we
didn’t have this on m68k. (Note that uploads usually take a bit
until they show up on w-b, hence the need for locking.)

>So, if my buildd now uploads the newly created hello package, I'm sure
>we will run again into the size-mismatch problem.

Yes, you will definitely run into that problem when you upload
hello_2.8-4_hppa again.

>My question here on the list would be, if you (other arch-porters) do have an idea
>on how I should proceed.


>Best solution would probably be, if the wanna-build database rescans what's in
>the archive already. Is this possible?

… that (no idea if it’s possible), or make two lists: a list of what
is currently in the archive for hppa, and a list of packages in the
Needs-Build or BD-Uninstallable¹ state. Then, for every package in
the same versions (except +b* sufficēs) in *both* lists, schedule a
binNMU (e.g. to get hello_2.8-4+b1_hppa). Do note whether it already
got a binNMU suffix: e.g. aclock.app_0.2.3-3+b4 would need to be
scheduled for --binNMU=5 to be larger.

You might be able to cheat, e.g. take hello for building, then tell
it that you uploaded it. But I don’t know why w-b doesn’t register
that it’s there in the first place, so a rescan, if possible, should
happen first.

Hm, only 12 packages here:
tg@leda:~$ wanna-build -A hppa -d unstable --list=needs-build | less
But this has more (9043):
tg@leda:~$ wanna-build -A hppa -d unstable --list=bd-uninstallable | less

① You need to include BD-Uninstallable because they will happily
  convert to Needs-Build once you upload e.g. perl.

>Or, should I just start the buildd and see what's happening? If we then get

No, get the w-b list consistent first.

According to
hello is at version 2.8-4 just fine… hmm. So the apt-ftparchive database
seems to be correct.

This is all quite complicated, so feel free to ask around when we
can help you out again, no need for every arch to go through all
of this by themselves, figure out best practices again, etc.

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