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Re: My K9 Blackdog

On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 11:57:08AM -0800, Neko Ecchi wrote:
>     Thanks, Lennart.   I'll check out that source.   I DO have access
> to the BlackDog SDK which runs on windows using QEMU that has GCC and
> will compile for my Virtex CPU.   Sadly, I have no sources at all.
> They didn't ship the sources on the DVD nor as part of the SDK..
>     Ok, it sounds like I need to copy off an image of whats on my
> current blackdog.   Then start up the SDK Emulator and point it
> towards archive.debia.org and get my sources.   Then maybe I can
> compile a new kernel in the emulator and test that it runs.    Then I
> can create an update for my current kernel.    At least that sounds
> like a plan.

If you are lucky they might have a config-version file in /boot with
the kernel config they used.

Len Sorensen

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