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Re: Bugs #728936, #730789, #731939 are duplicates: no USB input in debian-installer due to missing ohci-pci

thank you very much to all. Software development is sophisticated work, but software for specific hardware is very very hard work.

Best regards

Am 15.12.2013 18:04, schrieb Andreas Cadhalpun:
Hi Manfred,

thanks for providing this information. I think your problem was similar
to the current ohci_hcd driver split, only for ehci_hcd, as in linux 3.8
the ehci-pci was introdced and linux 3.9.6-1 migrated to testing on
2013-06-21, where before that it was still 3.2. Apparently this has been
fixed in the meantime, as the current installer correctly loads ehci-pci.

Best regards,

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