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Wrong colors with Mesa 9.2 and Mesa 10.0 on Debian Sid

Am 30.12.13 13:20, schrieb Riccardo Mottola:
Christian Zigotzky wrote:
Hi all,

I've tried Mesa 9.2.2-1 and 10.0.0-1 on Debian Sid and Lubuntu 13.10.
Unfortunately both have issued false colors in games. They appear to be ABGR
instead of RGBA, thus blue becomes green, red becomes alpha etc.
With current Debian unstable, I have such a problem in my iBook too. Several icons appear skewed in colors in WindowMaker and certain whole applications do too (e.g. GNUstep ones)


Hi Riccardo,

Thanks a lot for your answer. :-) I've created a bug report on freedesktop.org.

Bug report 72877:


I hope the guys there have an idea to fix this issue.

All the best,


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