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Re: Bugs #728936, #730789, #731939 are duplicates: no USB input in debian-installer due to missing ohci-pci

Control: reassign 728936 src:linux
Control: reassign 731939 src:linux
Control: forcemerge 730789 728936 731939

On Sun, 2013-12-15 at 01:10 +0100, Andreas Cadhalpun wrote:
> Ben, I think we both are right, but your observation is more helpful for 
> solving this bug. According to Wikipedia only Intel and VIA use UHCI and 
> all the other (including AMD and PowerPC) use OHCI.

I thought Intel had switched to OHCI in more recent chipsets, but I must
be mistaken.

> I don't know, how many OHCI USB ports are currently in use, but I think 
> that this is not a negligible number, so this bug deserves severity 
> serious, since installation is impossible with USB keyboard in an OHCI port.


> Since I am not sure, which package needs fixing, I do not (yet) merge 
> the bugs. Is it that the OHCI USB driver is missing in the kernel (in 
> which case it would be a linux bug), or is it just not included in the 
> installer (which would make this a bug in debian-installer)?

Module selection for the intaller is also largely defined by the linux


Ben Hutchings
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