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maintainer communication (was Re: Debian kernel regression, was Re: Modernizing a Macintosh LC III)

Dixi quod…

>Hi $maintainer,
>can we still get CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK=y and
>CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG=n into 3.12 before it hits unstable?

This was, of course, not integrated into src:linux before the
3.12.6-1 upload. (Which by the way autobuilt, meaning we have
build logs ☻ instead of me building it in cowbuilder manually
on a – possibly faster – VM.)

The request to the GCC maintainer to somehow make autoconf
regenerate some more configure scripts, to fix the -fpic/-fPIC
problem, was, of course, also not integrated.

I think we need to file bugs in the BTS for each of these
instances in the future, instead of trying to communicate
with the maintainers directly. I hate it, because I like to
talk to humans more, and some people on the Debian side hate
it too (“because debports is not Debian”), but… *shrug*.

Tell me if you have a better idea. Or anything else to comment
on this matter.

To clarify: this is *not* intended to make package maintainers
show in a bad light, rather the contrary, trying to improve
things. I can understand that things that are not in the BTS
are likely to be forgotten (in fact I forgot a suggestion how
to do/fix something too, due to falling ill last week and not
writing it down e.g. in the bug).

//mira“still on antibiotics but recovering”bilos
<diogenese> Beware of ritual lest you forget the meaning behind it.
<igli> yeah but it means if you really care about something, don't
    ritualise it, or you will lose it. don't fetishise it, don't
    obsess. or you'll forget why you love it in the first place.

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