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Is there a way to ssh into the debian installation process?

Is there some way to tell the debian installer to enable an ssh server during the installation?  I'd like to be able to ssh/slogin/scp to the installation process so I can retrieve log files and otherwise snoop the process when the keyboard/mouse are frozen.

This is part of my pursuit of Bug#728936, which renders it impossible to do a normal Sid CD-based installation of my PowerPC Macs, because the USB keyboard and mouse are not recognized.

Thanks in advance!


PS: It looks like (https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/WebInstaller?highlight=%28ssh%29%7C%28server%29%7C%28install%29) there was once a web install option, but it seems to be moribund since 2009.  Is there any possibility of resurrecting it?

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