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Direktoriaus kontaktai - tai Jūsų klientas Re: [Pkg-zsh-devel] Wheezy update of zsh? Re: [Secure-testing-commits] [Git][security-tracker-team/security-tracker][master] Add librsvg to dla-needed.txt Re: [Secure-testing-commits] [Git][security-tracker-team/security-tracker][master] add python2.6, 2.7 and claim 2.7 Re: [Secure-testing-commits] [Git][security-tracker-team/security-tracker][master] Readd krb5 to dla-needed.txt Re: [SECURITY] [DLA 1283-1] python-crypto security update [SECURITY] [DLA-1271-1] postgresql-9.1 security update Better communication about spectre/meltdown bind9: CVE-2017-3139 affects debian too Re: Bug#889285: bind9: CVE-2017-3139 affects debian too: assertion failure in validator.c:1858 current status of spectre/meltdown dojo / CVE-2018-6561 exiv2 [was: January Report] Extended Long Term Support for Wheezy February Report forgot frontdesk - apologies and solutions? FreeXL 1.0.5 - multiple heap-buffer-overflows January Report krb5 security vulnerabilities LTS Activity Report for January 2018 LTS Report for February 2018 - Abhijith LTS report for January LTS Report for January 2018 marking frontaccounting as unsupported in Wheezy Re: MySQL 5.5 EOL before Debian 8 LTS ends python-crypto / pycryptodome / CVE-2018-6594 RFC: CVE-2018-6799/graphicsmagick Fwd: simplesamlphp_1.9.2-1+deb7u2_amd64.changes REJECTED upload golang upload leptonlib Upload mailman upload simplesamlphp Wheezy update of clamav? Wheezy update of dojo? Wheezy update of dokuwiki? Wheezy update of freexl? Wheezy update of golang? Re: Wheezy update of irssi? Wheezy update of leptonlib? Wheezy update of python-crypto? Wheezy update of python2.6, python2.7? Wheezy update of simplesamlphp ? Wheezy update of simplesamlphp? Wheezy update of zsh? The last update was on 07:20 GMT Sat Jun 08. There are 115 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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