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Re: forgot frontdesk - apologies and solutions?

Am 16.02.2018 um 15:47 schrieb Antoine Beaupré:
> Hi!
> Markus reminded me today that I was frontdesk for the week: I had
> completely forgotten. :( For some reason, I hadn't noted this down in my
> agenda which means the event simply doesn't exist in this case. I have
> reviewed my other allocations and they're all well written down in my
> agenda, so this shouldn't happen again.

No problem, that's why I sent a private email. There are still two days

> That said, I should also mention that while I claimed the first week of
> may, it turns out that I won't be available during that time because of
> other commitments, so someone else should take up that time. There are
> also time slots available starting at the end of june, although I'm not
> too worried about those right now.

Simple. Just remove yourself from the frontdesk list and communicate it.
(already done)

> I'm wondering if it would be worth working on some automation to send a
> friendly email reminder to the assigned frontdesk person on the first
> day of the week.. This system could also warn when *no* person is
> assigned for (say) the following week as well.
> I can work on such a simple system quickly if people think it's a good
> idea.
> Sorry again for the oversight: I definitely know how frustrating it can
> be when frontdesk doesn't allocate new jobs... ;)

There was nothing critical to triage otherwise I or someone else would
have noticed it before. I don't think we need a technical solution for
that. If at all Chris' idea should suffice.



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