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Re: upload leptonlib

>Was upstream's position also to remove those binaries?


>Upstream was unable to provide a patch?

Yes. Upstream decided that it was not worth the time to make a patch.

Leptonica is a large image processing library. It also contains source code 
for many (over 200) example programs that use the library. From these example 
programs, a small number (about 10) are built and ship as part of the leptonica-progs 
binary package.

Bug #830660 noticed that some of these programs were insecure. The affected
programs were not very important, and my best guess is nobody uses them. So 
after discussion with upstream, I removed them from the Debian package. Because 
the programs are probably not used, I don't have a strong opinion about what 
happens with Wheezy.

Does this help?

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