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Re: Wheezy update of irssi?

On 2017-12-22 13:53:46, Rhonda D'Vine wrote:
>      Hi there,
> * Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu@debian.org> [2017-12-19 20:04:57 CET]:
>> On 26/10/17 22:59, Thorsten Alteholz wrote:
>> > as the irssi issues are already fixed upstream[1], I added you to dla-needed.txt
>> > for it.
>> > 
>> > If you don't want to take care of this update, please tell us and then the LTS
>> > Team will handle it.
>> We didn't hear from you. Are you planning to work on this? If not, I'll take
>> over this to provide an update for wheezy.
>  Given that you would be paid to do the update and me not there is
> little sense for me to do it, right?  Don't want to step in the way of
> payrolls.

Hi Rhonda,

I am not sure how you want us to proceed from here on... There has been
yet another set of security issues discovered in irssi, as documented


So we need to figure out who will take care of those and when. It would
be great if we could set a policy for your packages so that we don't
annoy you with this every time there's a new update. There are basically
three ways this can work, as far as I know:

 1. the LTS team performs updates on its own, without sending you those
    notifications (this is done by adding your name or package to the
    "lts-do-not-call" list)

 2. the LTS team does not perform any updates and lets you do those on
    your own, in your own time (this is also the lts-do-not-call list,
    with a special mention)

 3. you join the LTS team and bill for the time spent working on LTS
    packages. :)

It's your call, really. If you see another option, I'd be happy to hear
it as well.

I think people in the LTS team would be happy either way, but we should
probably clarify how we proceed with your packages from here on. If you
want to join, that's cool too: we can certainly use all the help we can
get. :)

I hope you are well! I'll probably be available to discuss this in
person at DebConf Taiwan if you'd rather avoid an another email
discussion, although that is rather far in the future...

See you soon?


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