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Re: upload leptonlib

El 23/02/18 a las 10:08, Jeff Breidenbach escribió:
> >So these files should be also removed from the package in wheezy and jessie?
> Yes.

Sorry if my previous message was maybe too brief.

It is not common to remove a file from the packages of a released debian
suite. I find it surprising that the fix was to remove the binaries.

It seems that upstream keeps their the source code (prog/printtiff.c,
prog/printsplitimage.c, prog/splitimage2pdf.c, prog/printimage.c) and
making reference to printimage and printsplitimage in README.html. They
are included in CMakeLists.txt, but debian doesn't rely on CMake to
build the package, it's some confusing.

Was upstream's position also to remove those binaries? Upstream was
unable to provide a patch?

Could you please elaborate more on why removing the mentioned files is
the right thing to do?

Cheers, and thanks for your work,

 -- Santiago

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