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Re: Can't create an i386 ISO, but amd64 works fine

On 11-07-19 05:25 AM, Daniel Baumann wrote:
On 07/19/2011 11:02 AM, Daniel Ellison wrote:
As I understand it these are just from Wheezy, not patched.

this is what confused me..

Daniel links in

which lists a bunch of patches and stuff, and, as far as i could see,
ubuntu uses patched packages of some of the packages mentioned on above

Ah, you missed one key piece of information on my journal page: "In addition, these tweaks are already present in the newer libraries involved". :) I linked to the other page in order to show what is being done to enable improved font rendering. I'll clarify in a comment to that post.

So these are in Debian proper, just not in stable.

fine; so let's just make the backports then and be done with it :)


in fact, i've got the cairo already in my own backports (because of the
mozilla backports) at archive.p-l.o; i'll do xft at latest after debconf
too. unrelated to that, someone might want to engage with
debian-backports to make them available there too.

Excellent. As I said, I believe few people actually think about font rendering, but when it's right, the whole OS just feels better.

All that should be needed is a bit of configuration.

just to make sure that i've got it completely, the only thing to
configure is that .fonts.conf thing and it's all set?

Yes, in theory that is all you should need to do. It's easy to test: just drop my .fonts.conf in your home directory and log out/in. If you try it, please let me know how it goes.

In future, I'll be putting the font configuration in /etc/fonts/conf.d so it's available to the system. Hey, SyrinxOS is still in alpha! :)


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