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Re: Can't create an i386 ISO, but amd64 works fine

On 11-07-19 06:48 AM, Michal Suchanek wrote:
On 14 July 2011 20:14, Daniel Ellison<daniel@syrinx.net>  wrote:
If I can't figure this out soon, I might skip the i386 build for now and
concentrate on getting the source to a public repository, setting up a bug
tracker, website, etc.

Note that this might be a dependency issue rather than mirror issue.

Yes, you are almost certainly correct here.

Singular pinning does not work well with apt, it insists on getting
all packages from the preferred release. If you pin cairo and it needs
some dependency from testing which is not pinned it will not be
installed (and you should get a message about "package xxx requires
yyy>= something but something_lower is going to be installed").

Oddly, it gave me that message with /every/ package that I specified in my chroot_local/packagelists/syrinx.list. Actually, it said "but it is not going to be installed ".

And I also found that by removing chroot_apt/preferences and leaving chroot-sources/wheezy.chroot (which simply contains "deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian wheezy main"), the i386 build still failed: It refused to install any of the packages I specified, instead building what I think was a "standard" build.

With aptitude this tends to work better. It tries random solutions
until it finds one that matches but tends to upgrade/downgrade
unrelated packages in the process or it might find a solution that
does not install anything.

Now i386 and amd64 are quite different architectures wrt dependencies.
i386 has "split libs" like libc6 + libc6-i686. If your pinning needs
upgrade to one of these split libs  it would not be surprising that
the solution differs. Also some package builds may occasionally lag on
i386 due to split lib error which is not present on other archs.

This is excellent information! Thank for that. It really does clarify why things may go haywire after what /seems/ to be a simple configuration change.


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