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Re: Can't create an i386 ISO, but amd64 works fine

On 07/14/2011 02:50 PM, Daniel Ellison wrote:
> Thanks Ben. I'll take another look at the docs. I've read the whole
> thing a couple of times, but I find that parts become clearer after a
> bit of experience with the scripts, so a re-read might help.

i think i already mentioned to you at another occasion on this list,
it's best to do different architectures from the same config tree.

for using different (architecture or otherwise) configurations from the
same config tree, one should use the auto mechanism and make sure, that
the autogenerated config/* files are created through auto/config and
removed through auto/clean. an examle doing this can be found here:


Also, it might be worth to publish your config tree so one can have a
look at it. do you use public VCS for syrinx os?


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