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[BTS#939646] po-debconf://phonon/de.po [BTS#939848] po-debconf://kwartz-client/de.po [BTS#939848] po-debconf://wireshark/de.po [BTS#940260] po-debconf://nova/de.po [BTS#940847] po-debconf://wireshark/de.po [BTS#941346] po4a://apt-listchanges/doc/po/de.po [DONE] man://manpages-de/install-info.1.po [DONE] man://manpages-de/svipc.7.po [DONE] man://manpages-de/sysvipc.7.po (Teil 2/2) [DONE] po4a://apt/doc/po/de.po [DONE] po://gnome-devel-docs/hig/de/de.po [HOLD] po4a://mkvtoolnix/doc/man/po4a/po/de.po [HOLD] po://devede/po/de.po [HOLD] po://win32-loader/l10n/po/de.po [ITT] po-debconf://mdadm/de.po [ITT] po4a://debhelper/man/po4a/po/de.po [ITT] po://tuxpaint-stamps/po/tuxpaint-stamps-de.po [MAJ] po-debconf://mdadm/de.po Re: [MAJ] po://apt/po/de.po [MAJ] po://devede/po/de.po [MAJ] po://gnome-devel-docs/hig/de/de.po Re: [MAJ] po://ikiwiki/po/de.po Re: [MAJ] po://tuxpaint-stamps/po/tuxpaint-stamps-de.po [MAJ] po://win32-loader/l10n/po/de.po Re: [RFR] man://manpages-de/svipc.7.po (Teil 1/2) [RFR] man://manpages-de/svipc.7.po (Teil 2/2) [RFR] man://manpages-de/sysvipc.7.po (Teil 1/2) [RFR] man://manpages-de/sysvipc.7.po (Teil 2/2) Re: [RFR] po-debconf://kwartz-client/de.po [RFR] po-debconf://nova/de.po [RFR] po-debconf://phonon/de.po [RFR] po4a://apt-listchanges/doc/po/de.po [TAF] po-debconf://kwartz-client/de.po [TAF] po-debconf://phonon/de.po [TAF] po://apt/po/de.po [TAF] po://pdf2djvu/po/de.po Re: Bug#931135: German translation made me laugh during a meeting Re: fwd: Rechner / Hostrechner / Server Re: Wortliste Codepage → Zeichensatztabelle Wortliste: Übersetzung von fault (exception, trap) Re: Wortliste: Automount Re: Wortliste: Label (im Sinne von Security, z.B. Smack, SELinux) Re: Wortliste: Vendor (Systemd) The last update was on 10:40 GMT Sun Sep 29. There are 70 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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