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[KDE 3.5.x] File names length on Desktop ? [KDE 3.5.X] Switch between KDE/Gnome [KDE4] libkio undefined symbol [workaround-fix] Amarok on etch Bits from the Qt/KDE team conflict between kdeartwork-theme-icon and kdelibs-data Debian-kde enable keyboard special buttons flash in konqueror Gtk 2.8.20 hitting top/bottom window with mouse => changes desktop Install KDE 4.0 packages from the Debian experimental branch Is this Flixster fair use of this list? kaddressbook formatted name empty after import kde apps take up to 20 mins to appear. KDE Extragear The kde team solution is not work well, i think so kde-icons-oxygen KDE4 / D-bus problem re: kde4 / d-bus problem kde4 in unstable ? kde4 problem kde4 some feedback KDE4.0.0 packages available in experimental... KDED going 100% cpu and not stopping. khelpcenter in unstable kmilo not working on Lenny Kstars telescope control, Do you now a howto?? linuxdcpp and xchat2 unusable after KDE4 upgrade? Mounting removable devices fails Questions about KDE4 Server fails to boot after upgrade Re: Should Flixster use Debian/KDE list? undefined symbol: stat64 upgrade or install? Watching youtube videos in Konq and AMD64 Re: Xembed (and perhaps flash 9.0.115) support in konqueror, kdebase and kdelibs fixes The last update was on 10:32 GMT Sun Aug 20. There are 115 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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