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Re: The kde team solution is not work well, i think so

El Martes, 15 de Enero de 2008, Paul Johnson escribió:
> I
> think the upstream KDE team was quite premature in calling it stable
> given some relatively basic stuff like configuring the panel are still
> missing.

Stable doesn't mean "with all the features KDE 3 had". :-)

Sure, I also think that the panel has _way_ less features that I'm very used 
to in kicker, and I probably am not going to use the KDE 4.0 desktop, but I 
disagree with what you said.

KWin, Dolphin, JuK, Konsole, Okular, Gwenview, and lots, lots of applications 
(especially from KDE Games and KDE Edu), are ready, stable, and have hot new 

Delaying more the release just because Plasma is not fully on par with 
kdesktop and kicker, would be unfair to the rest of the projects inside of 

Just my humble opinion, of course. :)

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