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Re: Debian IS for the enterprise

Quoting Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be>:

> > No I can't.
> In that case, what you've been saying simply isn't true.

Drawing similarities about the Echelon stuff (other thread). Just because
the government(s) is saying that this is not happening, doesn't make it

Official and unofficial sources doesn't always need to agree. Look at the
mailing list archives, and you'll see that 'a huge part' of the developers
agree with me. The most loud is 'otherwise engaged' right now.

> What mailinglists? Do they have any connection to the Debian Project? If
> not, see above -- and even then, a mailinglist is hardly an authoritative
> source...

If you ARE stupid, pretend you're not. That's usually the best action.

> > > If not, I can but conclude that your are misinformed. Debian is for "our
> > > users and free software" (Social Contract 4). In the past, our users
> > > have primarily been "people running servers", but that has clearly
> > > changed. Saying that Debian is only for servers and that nobody should
> > > be using it on the desktop is like saying that Linux should only be used
> > > by volunteers and hobbyists, because they're the ones who originally
> > > created it and gave it momentum.
> > 
> > Now don't put words in my mouth,
> Where did I put words in your mouth? I made a comparison, there's a huge
> difference.

Read line four to seven above.

> I'm not saying that the way we manage things currently is perfect. Yes,
> maybe we should change and improve the way we work; but throwing stuff
> out isn't exactly the right way to do it.

Then what is? Do you really think that you're smarter than the rest of us?
Then why haven't you already presented a way to release on time?! I'm not
saying that just because I've been doing this (being a Debian GNU/Linux
developer) for the last 8 years makes me more right than you. I'm saying that
I've seen developers come and go in frustration that nothing happen and
because we can't do ONE thing right.

What ARE we doing? Making a free OS? A stable one? A good one? What? We
need to decide what our target audience is, and deliver what they need.

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