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Re: Debian IS for the enterprise (Was: Debian Enterprise?)

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Dijkstra <newsuser@famdijkstra.org> writes:

    Tim> On 20 Nov 2003 09:49:16 +0100
    Tim> Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org> wrote:

    >> It have been discussed before, I know, but I still find this a
    >> problem. Debian is _WAY_ to big! We don't NEED 8000 packages!!
    >> On my main server(which is also a 'user server' - imap, pop,
    >> mail, shell and what not) I have 1155 packages installed. On my
    >> workstation at home 447...
    >> So anyone talking about 'forks' and 'sub-projects' etc could
    >> take all that crud and make a 'MegaDebian - everything that
    >> fits on a (huge) disk' distribution...
    >> And removing all that crap (I call it crap because that's what
    >> I think it is!) will make releases smoother and go quicker...

    Tim> I really doubt that; I think the majority of the packages you
    Tim> call crap don't have huge dependencies or are heavily
    Tim> dependent upon. Unless of course you call things like glibc,
    Tim> perl, gcc or the base of gnome and kde crap that is.

Rubbish! Once up on a time, when Debian GNU/Linux WAS for the Enterprise
(ie, it had the quality needed to call it an Enterprise distribution) 
we managed to release in a quite reasonable time. And Debian wasn't big,
but still had everything that one could ask for on a server.

I should say that SERVER is the keyword _I_ use when talking about
'Enterprise'... If you want a workstation, install SuSE, RH, Whatever.

There's PLENTY of 'workstation' (ie, 'user') distributions around, but
only ONE server distribution (sorry, I don't honnor Slackware as a
distribution - it's a joke! :)

Ok, there's a few server distributions, but I always put Debian GNU/Linux
as number one there... But with the last few 'stable releases', I do not
call it 'the best' distribution any more! I'm getting quite feed up with
the way releases are handled... I don't mind late releases, as long as 
they are GOOD!

So when talking 'crud' and 'crap' here, I mean 'everything that is not
needed/wanted on a server'. Example on that is anything that uses a GUI
(ie, X11 stuff such as window managers, games), the lg-* (The Linux
Gazette) packages etc, etc... The list could be long...

Some exceptions needs to be done here, since a compiler is NOT wanted
on a server, but still needs to be available...
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